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Excellent Uptime Monitoring with UpService.Site

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Excellent Uptime Monitoring with UpService.Site

October 03
21:40 2019
UpService.Site aims to provide high quality and topnotch uptime services to website handlers and clients. It is a reliable site that will track a site’s uptime consistently. When downtime happens to a website, the client will be notified right away. In addition to uptime and downtime, response time will also be taken note of and recorded.

So, what is so special about UpService.Site? Well, it does all that, and more! UpService.Site can give monthly email reports regarding the site’s uptime and server response time reports. The client can even check the website uptime history.

Once there is downtime, the client can be notified via various channels. UpService.Site can tell the client via email, a text message, a phone call, Telegram, or through whatever channel the client prefers. It also integrates through multiple messaging channels if the client chooses that.

UpService.Site can monitor a website from many locations around the world. It can also detect downtime wherever it is and can verify the downtime using multiple locations worldwide. For the statistics, UpService.Site can give the numbers to the client’s team. It can also share graphs and numbers publicly on the site that would be shared with site visitors. For the site, the numbers would be easy to understand and would definitely highlight the strengths of the site’s uptime statistics.

For added services, UpService.Site can give detailed uptime and service response time reports weekly and even daily! It can also do unlimited tests for HTTP, ping, and a lot more.

There is an available website virus checker to see if the website has a hidden virus. The client can monitor the website in real-time. The client will also be able to monitor domain health and do comprehensive domain monitoring through UpService.Site.

Curious about what UpService.Site can do? Visit the website now!

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