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Fantasy Sports (DFS) G. O. A. T. Website is fully operational with all sports Gaming and Company announces trading competition

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Fantasy Sports (DFS) G. O. A. T. Website is fully operational with all sports Gaming and Company announces trading competition

October 03
19:54 2019
Fantasy Sports (DFS) G. O. A. T. Website is fully operational with all sports Gaming and Company announces trading competition

We are the best in fantasy sports
G.O.A.T is now fully operational! All sports gaming are now available for the first time ever. Slowly but surely Fantasy Sports DFS is changing the game. Plus the Company gives 25% free DFS tokens to all coin holders.


DFS announces the official launch and completion of G.O.A.T., a Global Fantasy Sports Platform, and is going to reward their investors by giving them a new way to earn DFS. We encourage you to move your Tokens to G.O.A.T. and experience what DFS has completed. When you deposit your DFS tokens on G.O.A.T. and hold your DFS for 60 Days on G.O.A.T., DFS will reward you with 25% of what you withdraw after the 60 day window is complete is when you will receive your DFS. We now offer sports around the world, we want you to play, and encourage your friends to play. G.O.A.T. is going to continue to become the standard of Fantasy Sports in the Cryptocurrency world. Get in the game today.

G.O.A.T. – A Global Fantasy Sports Platform powered by Digital Fantasy Sports, creator of the: Fantasy Sports (DFS) Cryptocurrency. Allows users to use their (DFS) to compete against users around the world playing Fantasy Sports – gamers and users can play their preferred games and sports securely and transparently.


Fantasy Sports (DFS) – G.O.A.T. is a Fantasy Sports gaming platform built on top of blockchain technology, making every transaction transparent. Gamers utilize Fantasy Sports (DFS) as a method of self-assurance of how probable their sports predictions are accurate in opposition to different individuals globally. Whosoever emerges as a winner, collects their winnings – taking DFS to international Exchanges to swap for other cryptocurrencies or fiat. If the winner so desires, they could continue waging DFS on future G.O.A.T. tournaments.

G.O.A.T. is a Global playing field where users from around the world can challenge each other in multiple sports around the world using the same currency (DFS). Now a user in India, can play NBA Basketball against someone in Los Angeles.

G.O.A.T. currently offers NFL, MLB, NBA, Golf, NHL, Cricket, and Premier League Soccer – No Fantasy Sports Platform offers more Sports than G.O.A.T. Not only does G.O.A.T. offer the most Fantasy Sports, but also features unique innovative game modes! From standard Salary Cap, to Batting Order Baseball, QB Club, and IDP (NFL Defensive Players), with many more to come.

Co-Founder Jeremy Munter, “I have played on FanDuel and DraftKings since both of these sites started. I have seen the road they selected to get to the top, and I know what has worked for them. G.O.A.T. is on the accelerated path to not only being one of the most popular platforms in the USA, but G.O.A.T. is on a path with no competition to being the Global Leader in Fantasy Sports.”

Everyday when you play Fantasy Sports, you want to be the best. You want to beat the big names, you want to be on top of the leaderboard. Everyday when there is a champion in a tournament, that person believes they are the greatest in the world. Question is, how can they be the greatest in the world if they are only playing against people in the United States? Now users have that opportunity to perform on a global scale thanks to Digital Fantasy Sports.

G.O.A.T. is available in the iOS Apple Store and will officially be launching in the Google Play store in the upcoming month. G.O.A.T. is the Global Leader in Fantasy Sports.

Get in the game today, download the APP or go to to start playing now.

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