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TELF AG announces a major update: new mini-games and expanded functions

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TELF AG announces a major update: new mini-games and expanded functions

May 29
14:22 2024

What is Telf AG? Fans of modern gameplay are probably already familiar with this name. This is a unique and popular mobile game that combines business strategy and resource management. How to manage mines, extract nickel ore and process it into a valuable, economically viable resource – that’s what Telf AG is all about. The developers of this original product announced that they are preparing to release a completely new version. The updated Telf AG will be available very soon in the App Store and Google Play. It promises to surprise with exciting graphics and innovative mini-games that will be of interest to users of different categories.

It is important that Telf AG focuses not only on the gaming function, but also on the educational one. The game explores the historical importance of mineral resources in the development of society, inspiring companies to move towards alternative methods of generating electricity and environmental principles of mining. By combining educational elements with engaging gameplay, Telf AG not only entertains, but also educates players about the critical role the mining industry plays in economic growth and urban development.

Your professional growth in the gameTelf AG

At Telf AG you become an aspiring entrepreneur who faces the challenges of creating a successful business corporation. Starting with a small office, you’ll expand your operations, explore new territories and control all aspects of your business – from people management to resource optimization.

New products and unique features withTelf AG

Experience multifaceted office management with dynamic employee roles and advanced analytics. Assign tasks to your colleagues, improve their skills and effectively manage operations with the updated trading resource exchanger. Take part in mini-games such as a quiz with over 50 facts about Telf AG and mobile ores. Don’t forget to solve daily business tasks that open up new locations and increase your character’s level.

At Telf AG, watch your city transform from a small village into a thriving metropolis. Resources are invested here, business is developed here. Which attracts more and more specialists who want to work in a successful company.

New opportunities with chromium mining and auto repair shops

The first major update to the game is the specifics of chromium mining and its actual use in a car repair shop. Learn the game mechanics through an interactive non-linear tutorial and continue with daily tasks, achievements and fast-paced activities such as mining ore, developing a city and repairing cars.

What’s the pointTelf AG?

The main process at Telf AG is focused on business automation. Players earn money through strategic clicks and upgrade production to automate ore mining. The goal is to expand your empire by opening and improving new locations. For successful actions, achievements are provided that enable the player to develop and build his future business strategy.

Prepare to embark on a journey of entrepreneurial excellence, efficient extraction and utilization of valuable resources in a metropolitan environment. And all this together with the updated Telf AG game. Stay tuned for the release and get ready to build your business empire!

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