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Active Grow Launches New 3-Tier Walden Grow Tent Racking System, Seed Starting & Microgreens LED Grow Tent Kits

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Active Grow Launches New 3-Tier Walden Grow Tent Racking System, Seed Starting & Microgreens LED Grow Tent Kits

April 29
20:52 2022
Active Grow Launches New 3-Tier Walden Grow Tent Racking System, Seed Starting & Microgreens LED Grow Tent Kits

Seattle, WA – April 29, 2022 – Active Grow, the sustainable horticultural lighting manufacturer, is proud to announce the launch of its new 3-Tier Walden Grow Tent along with its Essentials, Seed Starting and Microgreen 3-Tier Walden LED Grow Tent Kits. This innovative grow tent series was designed from the ground up for professional plant hobbyists and home growers that want to get out of growing in dark basements and proudly share their passion with friends and family.

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“The inspiration for the 3-Tier Walden Grow Tent came from wanting to create a controlled growing space that fits naturally into a person’s home and lifestyle,” says Taylor Schaberg, CEO of Active Grow. Each tent is composed of 100% EcoWhite PEVA material which easily blends into a house, apartment, office or school setting. This toxin-free material creates a safe, stylish and easy to clean growing area. The triple-layer design is composed of a 600D canvas exterior, a vinyl light-blocking center and a white vinyl interior that is 10% more reflective than traditional mylar tents.

The 3-Tier Walden Grow Tent (49.21”x26.77”x70.87”) offers growers 24 ft2 of grow space in a controlled environment with its sturdy, field-adjustable shelving system. Each shelf (47.5”x24”) supports up to 45 lbs. to accommodate grow lights, 10×20 trays, small-medium sized pots and small hydroponic setups. In order to meet target lighting requirements for different plants, growers can manually adjust shelving heights or remove shelves entirely if more space is needed.

“Growing food or medicine is something we believe should be shared with people of all ages, and this tent makes it easier than ever to do so,” says Schaberg. The massive Infinity View front windows (18.5”x50”) let growers, friends and family enjoy the entire garden without disturbing temperature, humidity or exposing plants to pests. The double-wide front doors allow easy access during watering, maintenance and harvesting and use industrial strength zippers and light-blocking covers to prevent light from escaping or entering the tent.

In addition to the standalone 3-Tier Walden Grow Tent, Active Grow has launched three Grow Tent Kits, complete with LED grow lighting and hanging equipment: The Essentials 3-Tier LED Walden Grow Tent Kit, The Seed Starting 3-Tier LED Walden Grow Tent Kit and the Microgreen 3-Tier LED Walden Grow Tent Kit. Each kit includes six Active Grow LED grow light fixtures with output and spectrums selected specifically for their respective applications. These high-performance LED grow lights connect via daisy chain cables and can be hung using the provided 1/8″ hydroponic hangers.

Learn more about the 3-Tier Walden Grow Tent here (

Learn more about the Essentials, Seed Starting and Microgreen 3-Tier LED Walden Grow Tent Kits here (

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Active Grow is a horticultural LED lighting manufacturer whose mission is to empower growers to become self-sustainable by helping them grow healthier plants and reduce their carbon footprint. We understand the importance of plants as food, medicine, a way to brighten up a space or as a means to connect with nature. We research and develop commercial and residential LED grow lighting products, grow tents and smart controls based on science and are constantly pushing the envelope in technology, efficiency and design for growers and their plants. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the latest company updates and videos.

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