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Nivelight: A Smart Lamp with Innovative Features Launches a Kickstarter Campaign

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Nivelight: A Smart Lamp with Innovative Features Launches a Kickstarter Campaign

April 29
01:38 2022
Nivelight is an intelligent Lamp designed with brilliant features that make it a must-have product. The project is now looking for backers and is launching a Kickstarter campaign.

Seattle, WA, USA – UBOT LUMAS, a US-based venture, has come out with an innovative Smart Lamp called Nivelight that is packed with remarkable features. The product has been thoughtfully designed and is set to delight the users with its multi-purpose design and features. UBOT LUMAS is proud to introduce its flagship product that allows you to enjoy perfect light for all your needs. UBOT LUMAS’s team is launching a Kickstarter campaign that promises exclusive rewards, as it looks to find supporters for its pioneering product.

“We wanted to design a Smart table lamp that goes beyond traditional lamps and enhances user experience. The lamp’s height adjustment and dimming are automatic and precise, depending on the brightness level in the room,” says a spokesperson from UBOT LUMAS.

Nivelight has a host of intelligent features built into it. The design team has infused their vivid imagination and in-depth research into designing a product that is set to be a clear winner in its category of products. Led by professional management, the company has established itself as a leading supplier of reliable, durable, and high-performance products.

What makes Nivelight a Smart Lamp?

Nivelight has 2 main features that turn it into a smart lamp.

The first feature is the inbuilt body heat sensor that can accurately detect your presence. It will turn on automatically when you come into a room and turns off 2 min after you leave the room. Nivelight intelligently detects the presence of body heat within range of the light. This can be configured to either 1 meter or 0.5 meters.

The second feature is the inbuilt light sensor that can measure how much light is required while it is activated. Nivelight can automatically adjust its brightness to the sunlight. When the sun is out and there is ample natural light, Nivelight will automatically dim its brightness or may turns off completely. Similarly, when the sun begins to set, Nivelight will automatically start increasing its brightness to adjust to the decreasing natural light. And as the sun sets, Nivelight completely replaces sunlight.

Both these features use the latest sensor technology and help in conserving a lot of energy. For its seamless automatic ‘sensing and adjusting’ functionality without the need of any human intervention, Nivelight is also called ‘Automatic Smart Light’.

Nivelight’s brightness depends on the top part of the lighting area, which is powered by the Philips LED light. To manage brightness level, Nivelight automatically adjusts its height which expands the reflector area so that the brightness becomes strong or weak.

Another striking feature of Nivelight is that it is ready for the new generation of mobile devices compatible with wireless charging. This feature has been implemented in the base of Nivelight.

Nivelight is made of top-quality material to strengthen its durability and extend its useful life,” explains the spokesperson from the company. “We are committed to delivering only the best quality products to our consumers. We thoroughly test all our products before they are launched into the market.”

To support this project, head over to the Kickstarter Campaign page located on the web at:

Supporters who would like to back this innovative project can do so by making generous pledges and donations. The project team is offering several exciting rewards for the supporter of the project. More details about the product and rewards are available on its Kickstarter campaign page.


UBOT LUMAS was founded in Washington, USA, and has three major brands: UBOT for all categories of children’s products, ESPECTRO for creative and smart lamps, and PACTRO for outdoor products. Mr. Mathew is the chief designer of UBOT LUMAS, and has several years of experience in lamp design.

For more information about the company, visit the website at

To support the project, visit the Kickstarter Campaign page at:

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