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New Kickstarter campaign introduces the world’s first knife line inspired by the laws of physics

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New Kickstarter campaign introduces the world’s first knife line inspired by the laws of physics

April 29
01:26 2022
Inspired by Newton’s Law of Motion, Britano knives assure an exclusive collection of knives that ensure more efficient, faster, and more comfortable cuts and slices.

An Edinburgh-based visionary company is all set to revolutionize the art of cooking through an innovative line-up of cutting-edge knives. Titled “Britano”, the company has recently launched a breakthrough collection of kitchen knives on Kickstarter that are uniquely designed based on Newton’s First Law of Motion. The patent-pending Britano knives assure faster, quicker, more efficient, and more precise cuts compared to regular knives as well as less strain on the wrist.

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Britano knives have been uniquely designed with a 36-40 degree angle at the tip of the knife which facilitates a more effortless and fluid cutting motion. The entire collection houses 4 knives for all the kitchen functions, ranging from Chef’s knife to bread knife.

“We are excited to bring to you our revolutionary line of knives inspired by the laws of physics. After extensive R&D, we have discovered that if we can add a 36-40 degree angle at the tip of the knife it will allow a more efficient and seamless cutting. During the downward motion of cutting, the knife will take advantage of the arm’s weight, resulting in less effort to cut and less strain on the wrist. The smart design will also enhance the precision and speed of cutting and slicing, eventually scaling up your knife skills to newer heights” – Masood Alam, founder at Britano.

Added to the breakthrough design based on Newton’s law, Britano knives also assure robust build and world-class quality. The knives have been made with layered Damascus steel, the best knife-making steel on earth. The Damascus steel blade also contributes to the highly efficient and precise cutting capabilities of the knives.

“We have used a superior ultra-sharp (scalpel-sharp)  67 layer Damascus steel blade that makes it a breeze to cut through tough meat and vegetables. Much to the convenience of users, our knives boast unrivaled edge-holding capacity that eventually ensures less time consumption in sharpening the knife so that you can focus more on the cuts.”

Britano knives are only second to the custom Japanese chef knives. The only difference is the new one (Britano) is more affordable and of course it’s a revolutionary physics-inspired design.

“Britano knives are a combination of every major aspect that you look for in an ideal kitchen knife – precise cut, high speed and efficiency, ease of use, excellent edge-holding capacity, and more comfort for the user. It is one tool that can single-handedly upscale your kitchen to the next level. We are looking forward to starting mass production of the Britano knives and thus this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Britano to life and make things more amazing on the culinary side.”

To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit their Kickstarter campaign here:

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