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Why Are Products In Supermarkets More Attractive?

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Why Are Products In Supermarkets More Attractive?

April 28
13:45 2022

Why are supermarket items more attractive?

Why is food in a restaurant more tempting than at home?

Do you want to know the answer?

The secret is the light.

Lights have two parameters: color temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI). These two properties have a significant impact on lighting.

Color temperature (CCT) is a unit used to measure the color of light. When the color temperature is low, the light color looks warm yellow. The warm light will make people feel comfortable and at ease.

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For example, we usually use warm light with low color temperature in our home, such as 3000K bulbs, downlights, they can make you more relaxed. When the color temperature rises, the light color changes to white, making people more focused. In the office, we usually use higher color temperature lights, such as 6000K panel lights and T8 tubes, which can make people concentrate and work hard.

In commercial places, for better promotion, different locations require lights with different color temperatures.

Bakeries, for example, often use warm, neutral light to make food look tastier and more appealing. In supermarket shelf areas, it always uses cold light to make packaging details and product labels more visible on the shelf.

The color rendering index (CRI) is a measure of the ability of light to truly depict the color of an item. The larger the color rendering index, the more realistic the color reaction of the product. If the color of the product needs to be displayed in the display area, we recommend the use of Ra>80 lights.

Using lights with better color rendering index in the fruit area, food area, fresh area, and other locations of supermarkets can more accurately represent the color, characteristics, and details of the product itself, and attract more people to buy. In meat sales areas, high color rendering lights with a red spectrum are often used to make meat look fresher.

Correct use of lighting can make your sales more competitive.

Now, do you know the secret in lights?


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