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Decentralized finance platform BillHunters secures $630 million strategic investment from BH Group

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Decentralized finance platform BillHunters secures $630 million strategic investment from BH Group

April 27
16:13 2022


On April 27, Bill Hunters Group Ltd announced that it has invested US$630 million in the decentralized financial platform BillHunters. This investment will be used to expand its business scope and market promotion, and to add independent contract trading products. BillHunters will focus on lowering the threshold for ordinary users to enter DeFi, promote the rapid development of the DeFi market, and allow ordinary people to participate in decentralized financial transactions. The funds will be used to grow the network and expand the automated trading capabilities of BillHunters.

In March 2022, BillHunters successfully established the underlying protocol with a number of well-known DeFi exchanges. The main purpose of this research and development is to integrate mainstream NFT product trading platforms and quickly and accurately screen out high-quality DeFi products. It also allows all creators, including artists, musicians, influencers and gamers, to engage with their fan base using digital assets such as NFTs and social tokens.

In the first quarter of this year, BillHunters has introduced its open system to the liquidity mining business. Liquidity mining refers to a way for users to obtain passive income in the DeFi ecosystem, that is, to use the coins they hold to obtain more coins. Those who participate in liquidity mining are generally referred to as liquidity providers. Liquidity providers put coins into DeFi liquidity pools, and they will receive token rewards, interest rewards, and fee rewards.

BillHunters will also launch a leveraged liquidity mining business to further expand the benefits through the principle of leverage, but the risks will also increase exponentially. In order to reduce the risk of leveraged earnings, BillHunters uses a portion of the profits earned by liquidity mining to amplify the earnings with leverage. Even if you lose money, you will only sacrifice part of the profits of liquidity mining. BillHunters uses artificial intelligence and DeFi analysts to develop optimal measurement strategies to ensure maximum returns from leveraged liquidity mining.

Today, for ordinary users, their needs are not limited to the single model of traditional DeFi trading platforms such as MakerDao and Compound. The market needs diversified smart contract trading platforms. Ordinary people are not very familiar with derivative products based on blockchain technology, and there are news of huge transactions of NFT products every day. Investors who are not in the Internet field are also starting to care about the huge market of decentralized finance.

What BillHunters wants to do is to make DeFi transactions very easy and fast. Everyone can complete the high returns brought by the exchange of NFT products through simple operations. For some users who dare to invest, they can choose cryptocurrencies for short-term contract transactions. The DeFi market is expected to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, and BillHunters plans to seize this market in the second full quarter of 2022.

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