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JASMINER X4 Brick: Very Low Noise, Best Suited for Offices

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JASMINER X4 Brick: Very Low Noise, Best Suited for Offices

April 26
11:45 2022

With the increase of “homogeneous” products in the computing power server market, there is no obvious gap between servers in terms of performance, stability or reliability. Therefore, the change of user experience brought by innovative design has become one of the judging criteria for the majority of users to choose products.

In order to change the user experience of traditional hash rate servers with huge noise, severe energy consumption and limited scenarios, JASMINER continues to dig deep into the pain points of users, adds delicate, compact and other elements on the basis of efficient integration, and innovatively launched the high-throughput Mini server, also known as the hash rate brick, which brings users an extraordinary experience of “mini body, surging energy”.

The JASMINER X4 hash rate brick was unveiled together with its core driver, the world’s first high-throughput computing power chip X4, with a bare metal size of 257*100*200mm and a bare metal weight of only 4.56kg. The X4 brick has become the first flagship of JASMINE X4 series products with flexible and innovative process design, which opened the prelude to JASMINER’s subsequent update iterations of high-throughput hash rate servers.

In terms of core performance, the hash rate of the JASMINER X4 brick is 65MH/s±10%, the power consumption is only 30w±10%, even lower than most energy-saving lamps, and the energy efficiency ratio is as low as 0.46 (J/MH)±10%. In addition to maintaining stable core performance and hash rate operation efficiency, JASMINER X4 hash rate brick also has significant advantages in heat dissipation capacity, noise control, computing density, operation and maintenance, etc.

Thanks to the passive cooling method, the JASMINER X4 hash rate brick does not need to install extra fans, and it also has excellent and stable low-power performance in efficient hash rate operation. Placing it in a home room or office environment will not generate any noise, and its noise level is about zero, bringing users a very immersive computing experience.

In terms of appearance, the ultra-high appearance brought by the black mini body has become a highlight of the JASMINER X4 hash rate brick. The small and fashionable trendy design makes it stand out in the similar hash rate server market, showing a full technical texture.

As a classic entry-level high-throughput computing server, the performance of the JASMINER X4 hash rate brick exceeds our imagination. The thin and light body like a work of art is equipped with powerful performance, so that the hash rate server can be competent for various complex hash rate operations while taking advantage of portability. For users who pursue lower power consumption, this is undoubtedly a very worthwhile hash rate product.

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