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New thriller, “The Osiris Initiative,” is a suspenseful take on surveillance in modern society

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New thriller, “The Osiris Initiative,” is a suspenseful take on surveillance in modern society

April 26
10:16 2022

“The Osiris Initiative,” is the latest from thriller author Ryan McGinnis. Continuing with the themes of the first book, the new novel takes us further down the rabbit hole that started in his debut thriller, “Tears of the Dragon.”

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Now available on Kindle and paperback, ‘The Osiris Initiative’ is a gripping thriller from Ryan McGinnis. Picking up some time after the events of the first book, ‘The Osiris Initiative’ starts with a group of innocents caught in the crossfire of a much larger conflict. The focus then turns to our protagonists from the first novel, ‘Tears of the Dragon’, as they each struggle to deal with the consequences of their previous actions. Xavier Greene, in particular, finds himself in a deadly trap, when a routine assignment turns into a life and death struggle to survive against an enemy that seems to know his every move before he makes it.  

“A big part of The Osiris Initiative is the claustrophobia that you can feel when you realize how connected everything is getting and how many cameras may be pointed at you at any given time. There’s a lot of contemplation about surveillance, who may be watching, and why they are watching.”

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Ryan McGinnis took his experiences in punk rock clubs, dive bars and the underground music scene and focused that punk rock sensibility into his debut novel, ‘Tears of the Dragon.’ The story centers around Xavier Greene being pulled out of semi-retirement, where he had retreated from his life of violence. A vast global conspiracy, a deadly pathogen, and the threat of a global genocide pull him back from the shadows, forcing him to return to the life he fought so hard to leave.

In addition to his novels, Ryan also has several free, short stories available on his website. When he isn’t working on stories that keep people up at night he likes to hike, hang out at the beach, and read.

‘The Osiris Initiative’ is a suspenseful action thriller that takes readers on a tense journey around the globe. Xavier Greene, Stacy Martinez, and Bill Logan try to unravel the mystery as they face the consequences of their actions from the first book and try to catch up to a foe who always seems to be a step ahead of them. 

“Tears of the Dragon was a Xavier Greene adventure and very much focused on him. After it was released, readers showed a great interest in the supporting cast. So much so that the sequel, ‘The Osiris Initiative’ became more of an an ensemble piece. I’m very pleased with the results.”

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Ryan has delivered another thrilling, tense masterpiece with an ending that has readers clamoring for more. A tense, fast-paced thriller with meditations on surveillance in modern society woven into the subtext, ‘The Osiris Initiative’ is a great weekend read, that will keep the reader up all night contemplating the shocking final sentence.

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