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Zamio releases TrillioHeirs NFT Collection

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Zamio releases TrillioHeirs NFT Collection

January 28
16:40 2022

In 2021, the trading volume of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exceeded $13 billion, according to The Block Research. The indicator has grown almost 400 times compared to 2020 ($33 million). 88% of NFT trading volume (more than $12.5 billion) this year was provided by the OpenSea marketplace.

Not only authors of exclusive works can earn on NFT, but also buyers. The price of an NFT for a certain object changes over time, and users may invest their money in a project at the bottom of the market and sell at the top, thereby earning on the difference in price. But, as with any investment and speculation, there are no guarantees that you will be able to make money on such actions.

In order to make NFTs more attractive to buy, it is not enough just to create a beautiful picture and invest a lot of money in a marketing campaign. That is why Zamio, a hybrid on-chain CeFi&DeFi ecosystem that bridges real capital to the blockchain, decided to release its own collection of NFTs called TrillioHeirs. The project’s non-fungible tokens are not just a pretty picture, but also an opportunity to get unlimited privileges for their holders in the Zamio ecosystem.

Zamio TrillioHeirs NFT

Zamio in 2021 has become one of the promising projects in the blockchain world. The company has already created its own Universal CeFi-DeFi Wallet, Web dApps, ready-made Intelligent Investment Portfolios, zMetaBoard and $ZAM Token that grew 23x on the first day of listing. However, the company decided not to stop there and pick up the growing trend – the release of its own NFTs.

During the development of the NFT, the Zamio team strived to make sure that, in addition to a beautiful picture, users get real benefits from owning an NFT. As a result, Zamio created non-fungible tokens that serve as a kind of VIP ticket for privileged access to the system’s products and services and also provide a number of other bonuses for their owners.

First of all, NFT is interesting in that it provides many benefits when users participate in ZAMpad, a fully decentralized launchpad for raising funds for early-stage crypto projects from users. Thus, NFT holders receive guaranteed allocations to ZAMpad for all levels, increased possible allocation from x1.5 to x2, the opportunity to participate in Private Pools and Seed Pools, access to ZAM.DAO Governance, the possibility to use TrillioHeirs in the metaverse, and much more.

In total, Zamio will release 8,888 NFTs with four levels of a rarity — “Aliens”, “Brutal”, “Enlightened Ones”, and Unique Exclusive “Chosen Heroes” collection, each of them is hand-drawn. All NFTs will be sold at the price of 0.18 ETH. To get rarer NFTs you need to be a $ZAM holder who stakes $ZAM.

Revenue Distribution

Zamio oversaw a number of NFT revenue distribution mechanisms to support the sustainability of the Zamio ecosystem as a whole. The total revenue will be divided and directed to the development of various products and services from Zamio, in addition, with the help of the proceeds, the company will invest in metaverses, as well as help talented teams and projects in the field of blockchain develop their product. The proceeds will be distributed as follows:

Metaverse on SandBox. Zamio will use part of the collected funds to buy a field in SandBox and develop its own Metaverse for TrillioHeirs. The field will be Zamio’s headquarters where all TrillioHeirs can meet.

A part of the revenue will go to the Zamio Ventures fund, which will prioritize investing in the Metaverse, GameFi, P2E sectors. Another part of the funding will go to Zamio Incubator, which will support talented, creative, technology teams with great growth potential. Zamio will give them everything they need to get off to a strong start. Zamio Labs makes a huge contribution to everything that happens, so a part of the income from NFT sales will also be used there.

Zamio will also allocate part of the funds for charitable purposes in the form of non-repayable grants for projects that are developing or have already developed technologies for the extraction of water in the desert or arid places, where it is most needed. Moreover, the part of the TrillioHeirs NFT will be reserved for everyone who worked on the project.

Part of the collected revenue will be sent to the ZAM.DAO Treasury, all ZAM.DAO participants will be able to vote for their distribution in favor of initiatives aimed at stimulating blockchain innovation and the development of the ZAM.DAO platform.

Last but not least, NFT TrillioHeirs resale commission will be 5%. 40% of this share will go to ZAM.DAO Treasury and split among all its members, another 40% will go to artists, the remaining 20% ​​for Zamio Labs.


The NFT sector is rapidly developing and changing the cryptocurrency market and the traditional finance industry. In 2022, the GameFi market will continue to develop, attracting new investors and users, so today it is worth taking a closer look at some non-fungible tokens that can generate profit for their owners.

The Zamio team, in pursuit of the latest trends in the blockchain world, sought to create something more than just another set of beautiful pictures. Having a whole ecosystem at the junction of CeFi and DeFi, Zamio decided to give the owner of its NFT collection unique rights and VIP access to many of the ecosystem’s products. 

Learn more about TrillioHeir Collection here:

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