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Creative Biogene: A Premier Partner in the Exploration of Pathogenesis of Mitochondrial-Associated Diseases

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Creative Biogene: A Premier Partner in the Exploration of Pathogenesis of Mitochondrial-Associated Diseases

January 28
18:45 2022
Creative Biogene has become the premier partner to cooperate in the exploration of the pathogenesis of mitochondrial-associated diseases.

New York, USA – January 28, 2022 – Creative Biogene has been engaged in mitochondrial research for years and now matured to be a leading institution of comprehensive mitochondrial services and products in the United States. With its comprehensive cell-based and animal-based models as well as experienced experts’ support, clients can accurately analyze the association between disease and mitochondria.

Mitochondrial diseases are a group of disorders caused by mitochondrial dysfunction that has become one of the most common groups of genetic diseases with a conservative estimated prevalence of approximately 1:5,000. Common clinical features of mitochondrial disorders include external ophthalmoplegia, exercise intolerance, cardiac issues, diabetes, etc. With the mitochondrial study proceeding, researchers have discovered links between mitochondrial dysfunction and other conditions including neurodegenerative disorders, lung diseases, and some cancers. Unfortunately, the field of mitochondrial medicine has only developed over the past two decades and diagnosis and treatment options are currently limited since the multiple clinical phenotypes and the complex pathophysiology of mitochondrial diseases make mitochondrial disease particularly challenging for scientists and clinicians.

Scientific reports suggest the pathophysiology of mitochondrial diseases involves genetic mutations in nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA. Therefore, as a leading biotechnology company, Creative Biogene has been dedicated to mitochondria-associated disorders research for years. To assist researchers in mitochondrial assays and studies, Creative Biogene can provide a range of services and products. For instance, mitochondrial function testing services, such as genetic tests (both nuclear DNA and mtDNA), mitochondrial bioenergetics, mitochondrial dynamics, and mitochondrial metabolomics, greatly facilitate the analysis of mitochondrial disorders.

To devise effective treatments and potential cures for mitochondria-related diseases as well as help the millions of patients, Creative Biogene extensively collaborates with scientific communities to validate and explore the pathogenesis of mitochondria-associated diseases and possible interventions, with professional services and products to support global clients’ research. After years of technology precipitation, Creative Biogene possesses the capability of customizing its assays and models according to specific scientific needs.

“Mitochondrial research is one of our main businesses. From the basic separation and extraction of mitochondria service to customized mitochondrial research service, we are very confident to provide high throughput and high-quality results with our worldwide customers.” said a senior researcher in Creative Biogene. He also stated, “We have advanced platforms, equipment, a team of experts with rich experience, and standard system processes to pave your way to mitochondrial research.”

About Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene is a professional manufacturer and supplier of antibodies, kits, and reagents related to mitochondrial research. With cutting-edge technology and world-class mitochondrial research experts, Creative Biogene integrates its unique platform to fully meet clients’ needs for all aspects of mitochondrial research.

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