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Formless CBO Devin B.Speaks at TIDSE LinkNow

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Formless CBO Devin B.Speaks at TIDSE LinkNow

January 28
18:36 2022

On Tuesday, January 25th 2022, Formless CBO Devin B.spoke at Blocklike’s TIDSE LinkNow-Gamers!On Your Marks!, a virtual conference live-streamed on Binance Live that brings metaverse founders and thought leaders from around the globe. His presentation focused on why Formless stands out and how Formless will transform the GameFi and E-sport ecosystem.

Devin started his speech by introducing Formless where Gamefi begins, saying Formless is poised to be the Steam of GameFi, it is creating a GameFi aggregation service platform that seamlessly integrates game entries, information and GameFi non-custodial wallet. Besides, Formless’ comprehensive GameFi ecosystem will link gamers, games, and guilds to establish a rich GameFi ecosystem and better promote the development of the blockchain gaming industry.

Technically, Formless has positioned itself at the intersection of the four thriving markets which are GameFi, Web3.0, Traditional Gaming, and SocialFi. Especially, Formless is streamlining traditional gaming into GameFi that is approachable for every player.

As regards why Formless claims itself a one-stop gaming platform created explicitly for the NFT empowerment of every creator in the blockchain ecosystem? Devin explains from four dimensions. Firstly, Formless’ seamless platform is integrating game publishing. Launchpad and marketplace for in-game items and collectibles. Secondly, Formless’s guild model reached in-depth collaborations with more than 100 global high-calibre blockchain games and influencers, and Formless has approximately 30 eminent IPs and more than 25 gaming guilds to ensure its traction can be long-running. Thirdly, Formless is revolutionizing the Play-to-Earn model. Formless wallet will enhance the Play-to-Earn attributes of gaming activities, incentivizing gamers and bringing traffic to partnered games efficiently. Lastly, Formless’s community is facilitating the GameFi community in connecting players, guilds, and games seamlessly by virtue of rankings, its leaderboard, and social forums.

During the talk, Devin mentioned that GameFi actually is still in its early stages, with many inefficiencies in existing industry processes for players and games, leading to a poor user and game experience. The Web2.0 gaming environment is exploitative of both games and gamers, as it relies on centralized portals which fail to fairly distribute profit. This status quo must change entering the Web 3.0 era.

To wrestle with the challenging issues, Devin demonstrated the five value propositions of Formless to give the audience a clearer picture. Firstly, Formless is a one-stop-destination for GameFi, its comprehensive GameFi dashboard is connected with prevalent blockchain games which allow gamers to explore and access new games easily. Secondly, Formless is a suite of comprehensive features which include NFT marketplace & bridge, Developer SDKs, Game ranking system, SocialFi and Community Forums, Launchpad, Ecosystem Fund, Achievement System, and more. Thirdly, Formless is a unique GameFi wallet. Its unique and robust non-custodial GameFi wallet allows users to access multiple chains seamlessly. It is utilizing event tracking to incentivize gamers for more game recommendations, and players’ P2E capabilities can be greatly enhanced. Fourthly, Formless is a GameFi community where GameFi players can interact with each other and popular games. Its DAO-driven ecosystem fund empowers users, giving them the ability to govern and decide how to best grow the GameFi ecosystem. Ultimately, Formless is the pioneer of Web 3.0 gaming aggregated portal. Unlike centralized game publishing portals in the Web 2.0 era, its Web 3.0 functionality empowers users. Specifically, gamers hold ultimate ownership of their content creation and digital assets. Formless also does not charge high brokerage or publishing fees like that of the centralized platform in Web 2.0.

It is worth mentioning that Devin shared the forthcoming milestones of Formless with the audience in the end. “Since we have just launched our NFT marketplace and we are also looking to put Formless launchpad into public testing by early February. We will be able to support multi-chain token and NFT sales on Formless soon, including BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, and OEC. Moreover, many projects are currently lined up for INO and IGO sales on Formless – we are about to organize three NFT sales events on Formless in February as well.“

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