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“Greatness Awaits” by Famous Author Dr. Robert L. Lawson Clears Many Confusing Notions, Shows the Way to the Top

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“Greatness Awaits” by Famous Author Dr. Robert L. Lawson Clears Many Confusing Notions, Shows the Way to the Top

January 27
18:51 2022

Greatness Awaits: Putting Your Dreams into Action” by Dr. Robert L. Lawson begins with an inspiring poem of the same name, that basically sums up the whole subject: it is through work and never giving up on one’s dreams that one can travel to the top of the mountain where greatness and many things royal await us. It’s all about putting your dreams into action, and that’s where the first chapter begins.

“Greatness Awaits” is a collection of poetry, quotes and case histories of famous world figures, which reveal what it means to achieve one’s dreams, how to go about it, what true leadership is all about, and many other intertwining concepts. The book exhorts the reader to create a plan and act on it, for that’s where genuine greatness lies.

Dr. Lawson draws upon famous historical figures to bring his points home. For instance, Henry Ford, who began the automobile revolution. Ford was aware of how thoughts could be a hurdle, and so he said bluntly, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way, you’re right.” Another great leader, Eisenhower, brought out the one single and supreme value of any leader – integrity.

“Discover the motivation to become virtually unstoppable, and put your dreams into action with the timeless lessons in ‘Greatness Awaits’,” says Dr. Lawson.

Dr. Lawson is the author of several inspiring and motivational works, including “Ageless Wisdom”, “The Gamer”, and “The Power of Optimism”. Among the most popular quotes of Dr. Lawson is: “Dreams without plans are merely wishes”. Readers who wish to give up living in their world of wishes, and descend onto the field of action and achievement will find “Greatness Awaits” an amazing and trustworthy companion during their personal journey towards their dreams.

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