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January 27
05:21 2022 Gives Details on What’s Included in a Criminal Background Check?

Criminal background checks are done for a variety of jobs today. Business owners want to check out the background of potential applicants to see if they’ve been arrested and, if so, what the accused was charged or convicted of in the past.

Even if a business owner is willing and ready to hire someone with a criminal background, a check from a company like Checkr allows them to make sure the application included correct information and that there aren’t any convictions for crimes that could mean a higher risk of fraud, embezzlement, or violent crimes if the individual was hired. When a background check is performed, if the applicant does have a criminal history, the following can appear on the report. 

Misdemeanor Convictions

If someone has been arrested, charged, and convicted of a misdemeanor, it will appear in the background check unless it has been expunged. Misdemeanors are crimes punishable by less than a year in jail, in most cases, and can include many types of crimes. The report should include the charges, the conviction, and the sentencing for the charges. 

Felony Convictions

More serious charges are considered felonies. If someone has a felony conviction, this will appear on the background check. The business owner can see what the charges were, what the applicant was convicted of, and whether they completed their sentence. If the person is no longer in prison, they may still be on probation and could have restrictions on their ability to work. 


Arrests don’t always end in a conviction, but they can still appear on a person’s background check. Arrests without a conviction could mean the charges were dismissed or that the applicant has a court date coming up in the future. Business owners can check out this site here to learn more about how arrests may appear on a background check even if there isn’t a conviction. 


A warrant is created when someone is charged with a crime but has not been arrested yet. Warrants can also be created when someone is charged with a crime, released on bail, but failed to appear for their court dates. Business owners will need to know if potential applicants have an active warrant for their arrest since the applicant will likely be arrested at some point, according to

Court Records

Court records related to the arrests or convictions may be available as part of the background check. Business owners may be able to access court documents to learn more about the charges and any sentencing if the applicant has been arrested. By reading the court documents, the business owner can make a more informed decision before hiring the applicant. 


Depending on the charges and convictions, an applicant could end up on a state or national registry. When doing Child Care Regulation Background Checks, it is crucial to look into potential registries to make sure the applicant hasn’t been accused or convicted of crimes against children. 

Background checks allow business owners to look into the criminal history of any applicants. Whether or not the owner is willing to hire someone with a criminal record, the background check gives them the opportunity to get more details and make an informed decision.

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