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Payant Exchange, a new cryptocurrency exchange to rival the traditional banking system, launched in early December 2021

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Payant Exchange, a new cryptocurrency exchange to rival the traditional banking system, launched in early December 2021

January 26
19:47 2022

At the beginning of December 2021, Payant, a new cryptocurrency exchange, was launched in competition with the traditional banking system. It is a new cryptocurrency exchange seeks to rival the traditional banking system by providing features to help crypto investors to perform all their activities needs on the platform.

The exchange, named Payant, was launched at the beginning of December 2021 and can be accessed by users worldwide. The firm has obtained an operational license in the United State and it is set to reach the world soon.

The crypto industry has been touted to replace or at least partially eclipse the present financial system in the future. For now, however, investors can only allocate capital in cryptocurrencies through decentralized and centralized exchanges that offer secure marketplaces for trading and exchanging digital assets.

For more people to trust crypto enough to adopt it as a banking system, there are certain conditions that are non-negotiable. These are security and safety, high liquidity, convenience of use, and superior benefits when compared with the current financial system. This is what Payant aims to achieve.

According to the Founder and CEO of Payant Exchange, the goal of the crypto exchange platform is to make it easier for both old and new crypto inventors to explore the market in a safe environment. Payant will work towards releasing the true power of digital finance by creating an ecosystem where cryptocurrencies can thrive.

How Will Payant Rival Traditional Banks

Today, the core features of banks are fast and easy transactions, annual interest on accounts, and funds storage. According to the information on the official website, users will have access in the future to the following features:

Staking Crypto Currencies With Higher APY

On Payant, users can stake their tokens to earn rewards. This is a simple and less-risky way to earn more tokens while keeping funds intact. It is common knowledge that the annual percentage yield (APY) in crypto is higher than the APY that traditional banks offer.

Peerless Transactions

On Payant, registered users can simply transfer funds without using dedicated wallet addresses. Users can also store their digital funds using the wallets unique to their accounts. Strong security protocols protect the funds from loss.

Metaverse Cryptos are launching on Payant.

The crypto metaverse is simply the incorporation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the immersive virtual world. The crypto metaverse is the combination of the virtual and real-world where the virtual currency can be exchanged for real exchange value. In short, the crypto metaverse is decentralized, governed by users, and the assets have real-world economic value.

People already see a glimpse of what a metaverse looks like in the form of blockchain games, where kids earn real money by playing the game, and NFTs are sold by real auction houses. As of Friday evening, the total market cap of metaverse coins was US$26 billion, with a 24-hour trading volume of US$13 billion, according to

Blockchain firm MetaFun (MTF) token rose more than 43% after its single staking pool went live on Payant. The MTF token was up around 43% to US$ 0.00025 after the launch.

MetaFun’s single asset staking pool is a smart contract in which users are allowed to lock only the MTF tokens for a fixed period and earn a return in percentage yield. Users can access the token on Payant’s App in the same way as in the LP staking pool.


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