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Portals To Fight Internet Centralization With Decentralized VPN

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Portals To Fight Internet Centralization With Decentralized VPN

May 03
14:17 2021

Portals take the step to secure internet users’ privacy by creating a decentralized VPN (Virtual Private Network). dVPN (decentralized VPN) is a peer-to-peer network of independent computers operated by ordinary people. These computers serve as gateways into the unrestricted Internet. Once a user is connected to dVPN, they no longer connect to Internet services directly. Instead, it is made to look like they are connecting from one of the many computers around the globe. This works to protect users’ identity and their location. By creating a decentralized VPN app, Portals begins its fight against internet centralization. 

By using a regular VPN (not decentralized), a user’s traffic passes through the servers of the VPN company. This means that the company or their employees can monitor the traffic of user, keeping logs of browsing history and other activities. With many other VPN companies claiming that they have no-logs policy (that is, they do not keep logs), there have been cases of VPN companies giving out logs to government thereby exposing users and their activity. Portals, on the other hand, ensures that traffic goes through the decentralized peer-to-peer network of nodes, which are operated by other people (mostly home computers).

Also, decentralized VPN makes it harder (or nearly impossible) for service providers to block/censor or geo-restrict content compared to regular VPN. This is because with regular VPN, the IPs (Internet addresses) of VPN servers are generally known to service providers. With decentralized VPN, the IP addresses are people’s home computers IP addresses, which are not known as VPN servers because they’re constantly changing.

As centralized VPN providers are getting bigger, enormous chunk of Internet traffic goes through their servers and it’s up to them what they do with this information. Portals stand on the belief that this is NOT how the Internet was intended to operate. Their goal is to ensure that internet users have the privacy that they deserve.

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