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Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows Great Futures are Built with a Small Idea, a Charity with Big Hearts.

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Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows Great Futures are Built with a Small Idea, a Charity with Big Hearts.

November 27
22:24 2020
Charities’ Main Task to Create Jobs, Make Needy Families Financially Independent

Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows, one of entrepreneurs and economic managers involved in charity and community service activities, says the most significant role of charity institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) is to help indigent families earn a living and become financially independent.

Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows, who has been involved in a whole range of charity activities for more than a decade, has managed to make nearly 4,000 families financially independent with the help of charity organizations.

The entrepreneur believes charity organizations are instrumental in helping families stand on their own feet financially.

“Deprived families have very different degrees and types of need. Some of them are even unable to meet their basic needs such as food and health. Obviously, charities immediately take steps to help. However, after meeting basic needs, charities and benevolent people should focus on coping with the root cause of this deprivation by making families financially independent, training them and creating jobs,” says Ferdows.

“If attention is not paid to making low-income families financially independent, the root cause of their destitution is not tackled, and the family will remain a family in need and will not be able to work towards its growth and promotion. Moreover, very urgent resources and aid to meet basic needs should be moved from one family to another. This way, families with urgent demands will not be ignored. Furthermore, as families are empowered, they will move to become financially independent,” he says, This entrepreneur has also weighed in on the outlook for activities with social responsibility.

“Economic enterprises and companies as well as entrepreneurs are very well aware of the importance of achieving financial independence at their institutions due to the nature of their work, which is to make profit. When these corporation step into charity work with social responsibility, they bring with them the same mentality (financial independence), which will lead to independence, self-employment and skills learning,” Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows notes.

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