‘Discover Ningxia’ 2019 International Cultural Tourism Festival ends on Perfect Note

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‘Discover Ningxia’ 2019 International Cultural Tourism Festival ends on Perfect Note

October 22
23:53 2019


Hongkong – Oct 22, 2019 – ‘Discover Ningxia’ 2019 International Cultural Tourism Festival ended on a perfect note in Ningxia. 20 international influencers and lucky fans of Ningxia, following their Discover Ningxia tour experiences, so carefully and intuitively designed for the event, enthusiastically described their Ningxia tour to an international group, enriched with live video broadcast, photography and graphics. Ningxia’s deep cultural heritage, rich touristic resources and beautiful high-quality products became even more vividly displayed to friends around the world.

The 2019 Ningxia International Cultural Tourism Festival selected ‘Discover Ningxia’ as its theme and adopted a combination of online and offline methods to create vivid and dynamic impressions through various channels such as event marketing, immersive experience and new media communication. The challenge is presenting Amazing Ningxia in its many aspects, so that Amazing Ningxia could be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so tourists in source markets come to understand this amazing place, with motivations to travel to this destination called Ningxia.

Ningxia Tourism was launching these ideas with interactive activities on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, collecting influencers and fans from Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines, Bangladesh, the UAE, Pakistan, Canada, Turkey and other countries and regions, from which it chose 20 influencers and lucky fans to come and ‘Discover Ningxia’.

And a deep exploration and tour of Ningxia they have had. Whether it was the extraordinary Shuidonggou, or the astonishing Rock Paintings in Helan Mountain, which came from many thousands of years ago, intoxicating every visitor. The thousand-year-old Western Xia Mausoleum with a dynasty story which represents the mystery and uniqueness of Ningxia. Shapotou, surrounded by the desert and the Yellow River, alpine and oasis, reflecting in their eyes a beautiful picture of ‘sunset by the Yellow River and a plume of smoke rising up from the desert’.

Along the way, they have seen the unique charm of Ningxia’s natural scenery and historical culture. While watching the ‘Bei Jiang Tian Ge’ horse show, learning non-legacy dyeing, one of the intangible cultural heritage in Ningxia, or making rubbings of rock paintings, or surfing on the desert sand and yellow river rafting on rafts of sheepskin, and other activities that let them experience Amazing Ningxia and its beauty, and feel the unique cultural heritage and humanity in this part of Ningxia, to know more about and fall in love with this most authentic Ningxia.