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Achieving the perfect, youthful face without injections using Karina More’s face building and training expertise

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Achieving the perfect, youthful face without injections using Karina More’s face building and training expertise

April 27
17:37 2022
Karina More introduces people to a hassle-free way of attaining perfect skin without needing injections or other surgical procedures.

Combining everyday responsibilities with the fast-paced nature of the world today leaves very little time for self-care. However, experts in health and wellness have repeatedly proved the importance of self-care. Despite this, people have continuously turned to intrusive solutions to achieve the perfect face and skin. Karina More is introducing the world to a painless way of face building through beauty coaching.

Karina More, born Karina Trygubchak, is a beauty expert, face fitness coach, and author who is helping people regain their youthful faces. According to Karina, it is possible to have a face without wrinkles and other imperfections through exercises for the face. Karina’s face training exercises help reduce puffiness, tone facial contours, improve skin condition, and eliminate a double chin. Karina Trygubchak also helps people emphasize their cheekbones, works out the nasolabial wrinkles, lifts hooded eyes, restores facial skin elasticity, and freshens up peoples’ gazes.

Through her website and book, Karina teaches people how to look younger and guides people through face yoga. In her face building book, Karina describes how face exercises help build the facial muscles and restore the skin’s beauty and youth. The book also addresses popular questions that people have about beauty, youth, and human physiology – the interconnectedness of everything in the body. The book also features exercises to help people get started.

Besides the Karina More Book, she also organizes face marathon courses to help people start a countdown to achieving their beauty goals. The marathon is a face fitness challenge that teaches people about the wonders of face cupping. “In this challenge, I will open the doors to the wonderful world of face cupping. Vacuum massage is an amazing way to remove swelling from the face, smooth out wrinkles, improve skin quality.”

Karina (@karina_na_more) also points out that the program delves into face and neck exercises because the outflow of excess fluid occurs through the neck. “This course, like a marathon, is thought out in detail, taking into account the physiological characteristics of a person to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.” In the program, Karina also touches on how to vacuum massage correctly and safely. “We will work with the face; we will work on each area of the face (forehead, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, eyes, chin, jawline, lips, neck, widow’s hump, decollete).”

According to Karina, the secret to flawless, youthful skin is being consistent, which is why she offers information in detail. Karina explains that taking time to outline each step of the program makes it easy for people to follow the recommendations and achieve their desired results. Besides face fitness, Karina More also highlights how face cupping can help improve blood circulation, better skin nutrition, detox the face, improve turgor and help with achieving healthy skin color. Karina’s courses are easy to sign up for through her website. People can also find her on social media, where she shares bite-sized snippets of face care to help people achieve timeless beauty without plastics and injections.

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