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LaVergne’s Plumbing Offers Services to Anacortes Residents

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LaVergne’s Plumbing Offers Services to Anacortes Residents

April 27
16:04 2022
LaVergne’s Plumbing Offers Services to Anacortes Residents

Residents across Anacortes, WA, depend on well-maintained plumbing and heating systems in their homes. Plumbing pipes deliver fresh water and also remove wastewater. A functioning HVAC system keeps a home comfortable no matter the weather outside. While problems with these systems are rare, they can pop up unexpectedly. Residents rely on our repair and maintenance services to remedy the following situations.

Plumbing Repairs

Water should flow freely through a home’s plumbing pipes without fail, but when issues do arise, it’s crucial to schedule plumbing services right away. Some common problems include clogs, cracks, and leaks. If ignored, these issues can lead to increased water bills and flooding. For example, a simple household leak can waste 180 gallons per week. Unclogging drains, replacing corroded pipes, and installing new fixtures are just some of the many services provided by skilled plumbers.

Water Heater Services

There’s nothing better in the morning than a hot shower. However, even the best water heaters wear out with time. On average, homeowners should expect their water heater to last 8 to 15 years. Banging sounds, discolored water, a leaking tank, or a lack of hot water all indicate a problem with the system. A professional plumber can diagnose the issue and offer a remedy. Typical repairs include draining the tank to remove sediment and replacing worn valves. If there is a leak in the tank or the water heater is old, replacement may be the only option.

When installing a new water heater, tank size matters. A 40-gallon tank is ideal for one to four residents, but larger families may require a 60-gallon tank to accommodate their hot water needs. Older water heaters are also less energy efficient and more costly to operate. Installing a tankless water heater can help homeowners save money on their energy bills. These models deliver water as needed, ensuring even the largest families never run out of hot water.

Sewer Line Repairs

There are many warning signs of a clogged or cracked sewer line. A sudden increase in the water bill may indicate a hidden leak. Some homeowners may also notice a foul smell emitting from their drains. Others may come across wet, swamp-like patches on their lawn. Ignoring these tell-tale signs could lead to extensive property damage and indoor flooding. That’s why it’s crucial to make an appointment for repairs right away.

Plumbers rely on state-of-the-art equipment, including high-tech cameras, to help them locate blockages and leaks in sewer lines. Once they identify the source of an issue, they will recommend a plan of action. For instance, water jetting clears most clogged drains and is cost effective. If a cracked line is the culprit, replacing the pipe might be the only solution. Luckily, pipe bursting machines let plumbers install new sewer lines without trenching.

Heating System Services

Old, inefficient HVAC systems cost homeowners a lot of money every year. Outdated heating systems require more energy to operate. Scheduling annual maintenance is the best way to prevent a sudden increase in energy consumption. An expert will inspect the entire system, clean dirty components, install new filters, and replace any faulty parts. Duct cleaning can also help improve indoor air quality.

Dependable Plumbing and Heating Services in Anacortes, WA

Since 1951, LaVergne’s Plumbing has provided expert plumbing and heating service, repairs, and installations throughout Anacortes, WA, and the surrounding areas. As a family-owned and operated company, customers can expect friendly technicians, superior service, and attention to detail. The company offers convenient scheduling options, including 24-hour emergency service.

Plumbing problems, leaking water heaters, clogged sewer lines, and inefficient heating systems won’t resolve on their own. Schedule service with professional plumbing and heating experts immediately to ensure these systems function at peak levels once again.

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