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Marriage Trouble? A Retreat may be the Answer

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Marriage Trouble? A Retreat may be the Answer

April 26
16:52 2022
Hopeless relationships find a fresh start with Marriage Intensive Retreats.

Couples who are at the end of their rope or on the verge of divorce grow cynical about the possibility of change. In most cases, heartbreak and even the ability to make substantial changes are at an all-time low. Counselors frequently see couples who have needed counseling for years but have been unwilling to seek it out for the sake of their marriage.

Unfortunately, even with a qualified therapist, the consequence of too little, too late might lead to a poor therapeutic outcome.

There is, however, a method to deliver high-impact solutions in a short period of time. Couples who attend a Retreat frequently turn their marriage around in a matter of days. In fact, the majority of distressed couples who are willing to fight for their marriage in the Intensive context will indeed experience significant shifts in their attitude and feelings about their partner.

Intensives create a catalytic environment where emotionally corrective experiences foster rapid change and with lasting result!

While not to be seen as a quick fix for marriage, there are breakthrough results when couples do a Retreat to turn around their relationship. Why?

In traditional counseling, a couple meets once a week in a private office for one hour or less for several weeks, months, or even years. Frequently, just as one gets to the heart of the problem, they are pulled back into the stress of work, family, marital conflict, or burnout, and the problem persists until the following week, when one may get another hour of relief.

Intensive Coaching, in contrast to the 50-minute hour, is designed to achieve both immediate and long-term results by providing 3-5 hours of daily sessions over a 3 to 5-day period. For couples who are unable to benefit from the weekly format, a (MMI) Retreat might help to speed essential improvements.

The transformational effects of these programs are often comparable to 9 months – 1 year of weekly traditional counseling with greater results.

Marriage Intensives equip couples with a safe but powerful environment. They reveal the root causes of dysfunctional repetitive patterns. Couples begin to feel hopeful and empowered again as they gain new insights, find fresh confidence, and learn new relationship skills. Partners who break out of old habits rediscover passion, harmony, and a newfound vision for what their marriage may truly become as intimate partners.

If you have tried traditional couple’s therapy and believe you need a more rapid approach to change, an Intensive with may be the right direction. This is especially true if the marriage is at an extremely vulnerable place due to broken trust or any crucial event which has put the relationship at risk.

“We were at the end of our rope and had already attempted traditional couple’s counseling without success,” one couple said. “Our marriage was in desperate need of a complete overhaul. This intensive was a turnaround experience that enabled us to practice new communication skills, learn to work through conflict, and reestablish trust.”

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