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Deniz Guclu, Founder of Guclu Consulting “New strategies are needed to achieve goals in Digital Marketing”

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Deniz Guclu, Founder of Guclu Consulting “New strategies are needed to achieve goals in Digital Marketing”

April 26
10:10 2022

Deniz Guclu, the Founder of Guclu Consulting operating in Germany, announced digital marketing tactics that will benefit brands and businesses.

Young entrepreneur Deniz Guclu stated that many tactics and applications are beneficial in digital marketing, where a new technique enters our lives at any moment, and said, “Strategies and tactics in digital marketing are developing day by day. It may be difficult to know which strategies will work best for your brand and business. In digital marketing, you need to develop new strategies to achieve your goals.”

Referring to the importance of SEO in digital marketing, Deniz Guclu said, “The best way to optimize your website for Google search algorithms is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Using keywords correctly, and creating impressive titles and descriptions are the most important rules of on-site SEO. In addition to this, feeding your site with backlinks is important within the scope of off-site SEO. Although it may seem like it takes time to rank organically in search results, SEO is the most important way to reach your target audience organically.”

Stating that social media marketing plays an important role in reaching target audiences and feeding the website, Deniz Guclu said, “Social media marketing is one of the most effective methods to reach and communicate with target audiences. Social media platforms have become very popular, especially in recent years. Consideration should be given to social media marketing on popular platforms where users spend a lot of time. Brands and businesses can reach their target audience by sharing interesting and informative content and posting social media ads. Social media marketing is a very useful method also for building brand awareness. One of the most important mistakes made in this regard is the desire to highlight social media accounts only in terms of quantity. Increasing the interaction and increasing the time users spend on the profiles should be the priority of the social media efforts of the brands.”

Explaining other digital marketing strategies, Deniz Guclu said, “E-mail marketing is also one of the effective methods of finding customers and increasing brand awareness. You can reach your target audience by e-mail prepared with appropriate content. Another effective method is content marketing. You can introduce your brand and reach your potential customers with blogs, images, and videos.

The Founder of Guclu Consulting, Deniz Guclu, concluded his statements on digital marketing by saying, “As a result, there are various ways of digital marketing to promote your brand or business. To determine the most effective methods to serve you, you need to create your digital marketing strategy. Acting on a plan and getting support from professionals will save you time. In the digital world, promoting your brand in the best way and creating a perception takes time.”

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