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The Seasons Hottest Music Video is Here: Gibrilville and Foreign Exchange Records Release the Long-Anticipated Video for Dididaada

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The Seasons Hottest Music Video is Here: Gibrilville and Foreign Exchange Records Release the Long-Anticipated Video for Dididaada

April 26
09:46 2022

Now accompanied by a cutting-edge video, Gibrilville’s hit song has swept through the US and Ghana by capturing the vitality and diversity of Afrobeat music

It is rare when an artist comes along to define a musical genre or generation, whose music is cherished for decades to come. It is even more rare for an artist to play an instrumental role in taking an entire genre global. African artist Gibrilville is that one-in-a-million artist who is captivating worldwide audiences with his unique and uplifting sound. Gibrilville and Foreign Exchange Records are proud to announce the release of the music video for his hit song Dididaada.

Gibrilville has long been regarded as a pioneer of Afrobeat music, spreading a message of African awareness and the need for African solidarity throughout the world. His hit song Dididaada has drawn in hundreds of thousands of listeners on Spotify from various countries, and after much anticipation now accompanied by an industry-leading video.

Dididaada was written in collaboration with fellow Ghanian – Romanian musician Wanlov the Kubolor, and produced by Nigerian producer Jaysynth. The track is positioned as a love letter to Gibrilville’s Ghanian roots, stating ‘Ghana Dididaada’ which means ‘Ghana shall eat forever’ in the Asante language.

A larger-than-life song requires a larger-than-life video and the Gibrilville does not disappoint. Directed by Nigerian music director Kamhabit and shot in Lagos Nigeria, the Dididaada video is a vibrant and seductive composition to break traditional norms and usher in a new era of Afrobeat music videos.

Opening from the perspective of a camcorder, Dididaada begins with a brilliant visual metaphor as Gibrilville steps into a new world full of color, life, and opportunity. Girbrilville’s unparalleled vocals are matched with stunning backdrops, beautiful women, and traditional African visuals to create a warm and welcoming world full of energy, flirtation, and euphoria.

As Gibrilville releases the video for Dididaada, artwork from the video can be seen on billboards throughout the US and Ghana, showcasing its reach and global impact. Furthermore, Gibrilville has partnered with Glitch Africa studio to do a acoustic filming of the single Kilodey and Dididaada, available on YouTube.

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to changing the face of the Afrobeat genre; Gibrilville’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of Dididaada.

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About Foreign Exchange Records

Foreign exchange records is a music production company and home of Hip-hop and Afro beats artist Gibrilville. Gibril Adedayo Hassan Mansaray known by his stage name Gibrilville is a African music star who has been instrumental in pushing Afrobeat sounds global. From a young age, Gibril was infatuated with music, writing his lyrics as early as middle school. Moving to the United States in the early 2000’s Gibril focused all of his energy on pursuing his passion, participating in many groups before going solo. Now recognized as one of the most influential Afrobeat artists, Gibrilville continues to dazzle audiences with his ear-wormy fusion of Hip-Hop, Rap, and Reggae with English and French vocals. By weaving the story of his life’s journey and experiences into hypnotic lyrics on powerful beats, Gibril spreads his message of African awareness and the need for African solidarity.




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