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The Face Yoga Method develops facial exercise routines that work

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The Face Yoga Method develops facial exercise routines that work

January 31
17:58 2022
The Face Yoga Method uses facial exercises as a natural alternative to costly anti-aging creams and temporary “quick-fixes”. These simple exercises can result in firmer, brighter skin in less than 20 minutes.

Facial exercises are a non-invasive approach for toning facial muscles, smoothing wrinkles, and improving the complexion. By strengthening over 50 different muscles in the face with short face workouts, practitioners also boost the circulation of oxygen to the skin. These simple facial exercises can assist in getting a vibrant complexion and a slimmer face.

Face Yoga is a popular choice for people who want to add a face workout to their daily routine. Research has found that face yoga strengthens the muscles of the cheeks and face, resulting in changes and improvements that make persons appear younger and more attractive.

By creating a routine of targeted facial exercises, concerns such as crow’s feet, frown lines, and face fat can be significantly reduced. Face workouts like the Face Yoga Method are practiced by many women and men to train their facial muscles daily, resulting in a fit, toned face and glowing skin. 

“I was recovering from a terrible car accident and started seeing the ‘signs of aging’ such as wrinkles, sagging cheeks, and facial lines,” says founder, Fumiko Takatsu. “I almost gave up hope after all the expensive lotions and treatments. Then one day, I was standing in front of the mirror and realized that if I can exercise my body muscles, I should be able to do the same for my face.”


Regular face tightening techniques help firm and tighten the skin quickly. They also slow down signs of facial aging for a more youthful look, reducing the appearance of:

–  Droopy eyelids and puffiness
–  Dark circles under the eyes
–  Sagging cheeks
–  Forehead wrinkles or 11 Lines
–  Crow’s feet
–  Marionette Lines
–  Turkey neck
–  And double chin

These facial exercises point to a cheaper, quicker, and surgery-free solution for aging skin.  

How Facial Exercises Work

Facial exercises use repetitive movements in order to activate and build muscles. By actively moving the muscles of the face in particular patterns, the muscles become toned and strengthened. The toned muscles make the face appear more defined and the skin firmer, meaning there are fewer visible lines and wrinkles.

With Face Yoga, the focus is on relaxing and toning the face for a youthful appearance and stress relief. Like yoga, it reduces muscle tension, and balances the long-term effects of stress and strained facial expressions.

The Science Behind Face Yoga


These are before and after photos of Face Yoga Method exercises taken by a thermography camera. The thermal imaging shows the increased blood flow after 3 sets of 10-second exercises. As the muscles move, the exercise-associated skin temperature changes across the face, proving the physical benefits of face yoga exercises.

Everyone is familiar with the physical benefits of exercises for the body. Exercising improves mood, energy and posture, tones the body and helps it grow stronger, more flexible, and lean. Exercises also increase the oxygen flow – and if without exercise, the body gets weaker and flabby. The same thing applies to the muscles in the face. 

An easy alternative to anti-aging remedies

Women make up over 90% of all cosmetic surgeries (source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons), but these natural face routines are changing that trend.

“I’m addicted. In one week, my crow’s feet disappeared. I’m into 15 days straight now and I feel and look great! And I turn 48 in 2 days! I used to get botox and I can seriously say I don’t need it anymore,” says Face Yogi Caron Prins. 

Face workouts can result in a more youthful and radiant complexion. By practicing this series of facial exercises, anyone can learn to tone the muscles beneath the skin’s surface 100% naturally.

Face Yoga: Exercises For Every Face

For anyone who wants to try facial exercises like Face Yoga for the first time, The Face Yoga Method offers a proven blueprint that has gotten results for hundreds of thousands of women. Try these 5 Face Yoga Exercises To Reverse Aging for a natural facelift!

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