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AET REMOULD’s masterpiece of 2022 – LOONG, watch art of oriental culture and advanced technology

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AET REMOULD’s masterpiece of 2022 – LOONG, watch art of oriental culture and advanced technology

January 28
18:31 2022

AET REMOULD has released their masterpiece for 2022—Loong, which illustrates Eastern dragon culture with modern craftsmanship. Both the case and strap are crafted from sapphire, making it a very unique existence in the world of high-end timepieces.

Carved from 18K white gold, the sacred dragon statue is presented with rich details. Daytona’s subdials are decorated with exquisite Chinese ink painting, while an orb instead of a regular hand is embedded in the one at 6 o’clock. The dial vividly depicts a flying dragon frolicking with the orb among clouds and mists. The eye of the dragon is a ruby, reminiscent of a Chinese proverb “Putting the Finishing Touch to the Picture of a Dragon”. Besides, hour indicators are replaced by emeralds, which is more in line with the noble image of the dragon.

AET REMOULD has applied jewelry not just to the hour indicators. The bezel, an instant eye-catcher, is studded with closely arranged emeralds. The perfect arrangement is difficult to realize as each gem must be cut to the exact size before setting into the bezel. Such a demanding practice requires a proficient gem setting experience. Apparently, AET REMOULD’s craftsmen are more than capable to do the job.

The rotor of Loong integrates Chinese calligraphy and modern art by combining the character of the dragon and its image. One can appreciate the charming dragon rotor as well as the wonderful mechanical structure through the transparent sapphire case.

The greatest highlight of Loong lies in the application of sapphire. Although this material has been widely used in the case and crystal of a watch, a completely sapphire-made strap is still complicated to craft.

There are three major challenges in crafting sapphire. First, due to its hardness, sapphire cracks easily during cutting. Second, sapphire needs to be immersed in viscous sand during polishing. The craftsman must frequently take the piece out and measure it until reaching a specific smoothness. Third, extremely precise milling is required to craft separate parts of a strap. A slight error may cause the sapphire to crack and lose its value.

While crafting sapphire is demanding, watchmakers like AET REMOULD still make their attempt. The advantages of sapphire are prominent. Sapphire is one of the hardest materials on earth, second only to diamond. It can make a hard and scratch-resistant strap and becomes crystal clear after polishing. In addition, sapphire is lighter than metals, ceramics, and other materials, which will not cause pressure or discomfort to the wrist.

Based on traditional oriental culture, AET REMOULD’s newly released “Loong” restores the grandeur of the dragon with hand carving, but also realizes sapphire strap with modern watchmaking techniques. Frankly speaking, the timepiece deserves its title of AET REMOULD’s annual masterpiece. 

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