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Isotype Controls Assure Researchers of Accurate Antibody Experiments

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Isotype Controls Assure Researchers of Accurate Antibody Experiments

January 28
18:19 2022
Accompanied by incomparable specialty in virology research reagents, Creative Biolabs has produced diversified antibodies, among which isotype control gains much attention on account of its critical role in antibody-based experiments.

New York, USA – January 28, 2022 – Creative Biolabs, the leading CRO focusing on viral recombinant antibody (rAb) discovery, engineering, and manufacturing, is a prominent contributor to the supply of antibodies with guaranteed quantity, quality, and diversity. Its virus antibody products, classified as primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, isotype controls, have facilitated numerous research projects of disparate goals. In particular, the isotype control contributes largely to confirming whether the binding of primary antibodies is specific, thus determining the authenticity of positive results.

Isotype controls have similar properties to the primary antibodies employed in experiments. Nevertheless, it shows slight differences for it does not bind to the antigen. With acute insight and ample experience in antibody production, Creative Biolabs has perceived the promising application of isotype control as the negative control to differentiate background signal from antibody signal. Therefore, it devoted much energy to providing an extended list of isotype controls to satisfy individual research requirements.

Customers usually face the plight of selecting from the broad varieties of isotype controls. To relieve their burden, Creative Biolabs considerately enumerates the following features of primary antibodies that should be matched when deciding the appropriate isotype control:

• Host species

• Isotype

• Conjugation format:

* Alexa Fluor dyes


* Biotin

* Phycoerythrin (PE)


* Other formats

Moreover, Creative Biolabs gives a warm hint that the fluorophore molecules conjugated to a given antibody may vary among different manufacturers. To ensure the uniformity of antibody properties, it is highly recommended to purchase primary antibodies and isotype controls from the same vendor.

To combat multitudinous virus types, Creative Biolabs provides a broad range of antibody products accordingly. For instance, adenovirus antibody is produced to fight against adenovirus (AdV) which has caused a large number of infections in humans, such as mild respiratory infections, pneumonia, and follicular conjunctivitis. Through years of advances in viral antibody engineering, Creative Biolabs’ antibody products involve not only anti-AdV antibodies but also the ones targeting AdV infection-related proteins in humans.

Plentiful antibodies against various virus types such as SARS-CoV-2 and Zika virus are presently available at Creative Biolabs. To search for the antibodies of your interest, please visit


Creative Biolabs is a renowned participant in the field of virology research, offering custom products and solutions to worldwide academic and industrial collaborators. Its viral recombinant antibody products are broadly utilized in research and therapeutic areas, which helps it collect global recognition.

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