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Things to Keep in Mind When Moving to a New State

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Things to Keep in Mind When Moving to a New State

January 27
22:01 2022
Things to Keep in Mind When Moving to a New State

Relocating is an exciting decision for a family, but there are questions to ask to ensure that it’s the right move. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Here are a few things to consider when moving to a different state, or looking for a home builder in Savannah GA, or the surrounding area.

Housing Markets

Every state’s housing market is different and renting or buying a home in a different area may come with a certain degree of sticker shock. Before relocating, do some research to get an idea of home values in the geographic area of interest (consulting a house builder is a great way to begin).

The Cost of Living

Once someone has learned about housing costs in the other state, the hard work isn’t over. Other costs, such as groceries, gas, auto insurance, and utilities, all play a role in a family’s budget and overall quality of life. Because these expenses vary widely from one state to the next, it’s crucial to consider them when calculating the family’s new cost of living.

Healthcare Costs

When moving to a different state, one will need new healthcare providers. Here’s another area where research is essential. Learn about the new state’s healthcare system, ask about the cost of insurance coverage, and try to get a handle on the quality of doctors in the area. While online reviews are helpful, one can also ask friends, family, and colleagues for advice.

Employment Prospects

If the family is relocating, one’s career should go along for the ride. Job opportunities and markets vary between cities and states, and those who don’t already have jobs lined up should spend a bit of time on employment sites to see what the new state’s job market is before they move.


Many people take transportation for granted, but it’s a substantial expense that should be considered. Some areas have great public transit, while others leave something to be desired. In many states, a person will need a vehicle to get around. If so, think about the daily commute, as well as the effects it will have on the family’s budget.


If planning to go back to school—or if a child is going off to college—think about relocating to an area with a good education system. This may help those who are just starting families as well, as most parents want their kids to be in quality school districts.

The Local Climate

Not only does the weather affect social plans, moods, and lifestyles, but it also affects monthly utility bills. When considering a move, research the area’s average seasonal temperatures and get ready for changes in climate and cooling or heating costs.


Each state has different tax laws, which may have a substantial impact on the weekly paycheck. Tax-time and payday surprises are no fun — so learn about the new state’s property, sales, and income tax requirements before moving.

The People

The United States Census Bureau offers a wealth of demographic information, including each state’s biggest age brackets. If contemplating a move, it’s a good idea to choose a state where one’s more likely to meet like-minded people who can help the family adjust to its new surroundings.

Follow These Tips and Get Moving

These are just a few of the most important things to consider when moving to a new state. While most people move into existing homes, building from the ground up is a viable option. Call or click today to schedule a consultation with  Landmark 24 Homes, a new construction home builder in Brunswick, GA, and in Savannah, GA.

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