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Zhejiang Satellite TV’s The Flash Band: Enabling musicians to start the journey of finding confidants with love and emotion

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Zhejiang Satellite TV’s The Flash Band: Enabling musicians to start the journey of finding confidants with love and emotion

January 27
19:00 2022

The Flash Band, a music culture program from Zhejiang Satellite TV, is based on innovative expression and has achieved both high ratings and high praise since it first premiered on December 25th 2021. The show is broadcasted every Saturday evening at 20:30 and provides a new perspective for music variety.

The Flash Band intertwines generations of music with the team being composed of singers (old, middle-aged and young) that spans 3 generations. It combines legends in the music world with unique rising stars. They are both singers of the sound of nature and producers who turn stone into gold. The musicians, from different eras and different styles of music, are partnered up in the program to demonstrate the power of music and infinite possibilities when music is combined, delivering deep emotional resonance.

For instance, the 690 band composed of Zhang Chu, Hu Yutong and Li runqi combines the vicissitudes of the post-60s with the enthusiasm of the post-90s and the youthfulness of the post-00s. As they sing in the song “the train goes out of the clouds, the dream is in the sky”, each new generation will eventually grow old, but some people will always remain young, which brings the audience across time and space on the inheritance of music. The Vajra flying dragon band composed of Li Yugang, Fu Longfei and Jin runji adapted “one thousand years and so on” with the musical attitude of no making without breaking, integrating Chinese national style with rap and creating different sparks. The Xing Cheng Zeling band which includes Rainie Yang, Kun Yang and Xingjie Zhu adapted “take me away” into a male and female duet version to interpret cross era stories and emotions. The explosive Suai band takes human voice as its musical instrument and returns it to the essence of music through a healing rendition of “Sunshine rainbow and little white horse”.

In addition to the high-quality music stage, the team formation of musicians is also a highlight of the program. Some musicians take the initiative to invite their favorite partners, while others leave it to fate. Most musicians hit it off. The artists rehearse and compete in the form of band composition, challenge the rendition of classic songs, collide with new and interesting musical expressions, and jointly interpret shine because of love.

In a new attempt from Zhejiang Satellite TV to innnovate music and culture programs, The Flash Band connects different types of musicians through music, collides with new creative sparks, and starts a musical journey of seeking, sharing and loving. It can be said that The Flash Band is not only an innovation of the type of music variety, but also gives the whole variety industry a new perspective.

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