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According to, an Online Job Search Tool Helps Employers Recruit Passive Candidate

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According to, an Online Job Search Tool Helps Employers Recruit Passive Candidate

January 27
17:13 2022
According to, an Online Job Search Tool Helps Employers Recruit Passive Candidate

Most businesses polled in a 2021 survey reported struggling to fill jobs. It is difficult to find qualified workers, and traditional recruiting methods make it even harder. Human Resources professionals must wade through dozens of resumes and schedule interviews without having any way to verify job seekers’ information or background. HR personnel may not be able to cast a wide enough net to attract needed employees. 

With these issues in mind, many businesses now use an online job search site that simplifies recruiting. This type of employment marketplace benefits employers and job seekers and allows companies to target well-qualified candidates.

Employers Can Reach More Candidates

Traditionally, corporate recruiters rely on a list of tried-and-true methods to source candidates. However, techniques such as advertising or job fairs limit the number of job seekers who respond. Many HR professionals are now evaluating automated digital sourcing to avoid these limitations. When recruiters check this method out, most find it provides them with a much bigger universe of candidates.  

Even better, a specialized online job marketplace can target the most qualified job seekers. Companies save time and effort because they only interview individuals who are a fit for their open positions.  

Job Seekers Are Using Technology 

Millions of employees have quit their jobs and are looking for work in other industries. The majority are on their own when searching for alternatives, so they use technology to help them find jobs, learn How to Reach Out to a Recruiter, and prepare for interviews.  

Online job search tools are not a new idea, but they have become more popular recently, partly due to the pandemic. Looking for jobs at an employment marketplace may be the only option when there are few job fairs or networking opportunities, according to

Passive online search tools allow job seekers to let employers find them. The sites list workers’ qualifications and make them available for employers to review and verify.

A Search Can Target Employed Candidates

Human Resources professionals typically fill open positions with active candidates who are people looking for jobs. But many of the best employees begin as passive candidates, meaning they are already employed and not searching. 

There are tremendous benefits in recruiting passive candidates. Many are open to new opportunities that better fit their goals. It can be easier for employers to engage with them because no other companies are trying to recruit them. Since they are already employed, they are far more likely, to be honest, and have a stable work history.

Online job tools such as EmploySee are especially good at targeting passive employees because their system eliminates resumes and CVs and focuses on individuals’ qualifications. About 70% of the global workforce consists of passive candidates who bring tremendous value to companies because they are highly qualified in their fields. 

An online job search tool can make it simple for employers to connect with the best candidates for their open positions. These employment marketplaces catalog and maintain job seekers’ qualifications and make them available to hiring companies. Hiring companies have access to the information they need to determine which candidates are best suited for their needs.

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