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January 27
16:48 2022 Discusses Unique and Trending Bar Menu Ideas

The American bar, the old watering hole where everybody knows each other, still exists. But, today’s consumers have far more to do than sling back a few favorite drinks. These days, bars are offering unique menus in order to get patrons to stay longer. For what may seem like a quick bite, patrons staying longer also generates more revenue. According to a recent study, profits for bars that sell food have a 7 to 10 marginal while bars without food have a 3 to 5 marginal. It’s no wonder that bar menus are trending as they keep the customer happy and the business profitable.

Innovative Drink Menus

Although food menus increase revenue, bars should still have a versatile and exclusive drink menu. Of course, bars will still need the essentials like draft and mixed railed drinks, but having something different will keep customers coming through the door. Many bars are adopting a special house drink that can only be found at their bar. For example, 30-plus notable restaurant, bar and brewery openings in Pittsburgh in 2021 adopted these ideas. Having something that nobody else has to offer will keep the door rotating. Additionally, discounting those special drinks may help increase popularity and lead to a satisfied customer.

Another concept that many bars forget about is non-alcoholic drinks. Often, there will be a sober driver or a colleague who just isn’t a drinker. It’s important that those customers are just as satisfied. Having something for non-drinkers will increase patrons and help appeal to all types of crowds. Having those options available will most likely lead to patrons staying longer as those in the party who don’t drink will have something unique to enjoy.

Redefining the Food Menu

While patrons are enjoying their favorite drink, they must have the opportunity to have something good to eat. Easily shared foods are ideal that don’t require utensils and can be grabbed by hand. Examples of these include nachos, buffalo wings, fried pickles, jalapeno poppers, and other tasty appetizers that can be found on my blog. Especially in larger groups, multiple snacks and appetizers may be purchased at one time. Another essential factor to keep in mind while creating a bar menu is catering to all different types of diets, so considering options that are keto-friendly or plant-based may help increase profits and popularity. 

Offering an appetizer can also lead to customers wanting more. If a bar or restaurant also sells entrees, this is a great way to get patrons interested. According to, pictures and descriptions help promote these products. Atmosphere plays a part in things such as arranging the food in an enticing matter and using proper lighting. These small details can make all the difference.

Providing both unique food and drink ensures that everyone leaves the bar with a smile on their face. When bars implement these ideas and put their own spin on their menu their business is likely to succeed. They will see popularity rise as the bar has something that nobody else has to offer.

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