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January 27
07:03 2022 Protecting Customer Data With the Help of a Privacy Platform and Other Measures

Companies today collect information about their clients, including highly personal information such as home addresses and credit card numbers. As a result, they take on the responsibility of protecting this data and ensuring it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. A failure to do so leads to penalties, fines, and the potential loss of customers. What steps can a company take to protect this data and safeguard its customers? 

Only Collect Essential Data

Businesses often collect more information than they truly need. They use this information to improve their marketing efforts. However, the more data they collect, the more they put their business at risk in the event of a data breach. IT experts offer a critical piece of advice. Only collect essential information to reduce this risk. Use a privacy platform, such as the one offered by Terratrue, for the collection and safeguarding of customer data. 

Digital Data Safeguards

Companies today collect and store customer data on the cloud. As a result, they need strong security measures to protect this data. Collaborate with an IT professional to put measures into place to secure the company’s databases, website, and network. This involves implementing multiple layers of security, particularly on the website. According to, websites serve as the first area of attack in most breaches. 

Once customer information is no longer needed, immediately delete it, and only use a secure connection for all online transactions. Encrypt any data that could be used to personally identify a customer and maintain this data on a server dedicated to that purpose. Finally, require strong passwords for all customers. 

Physical Security

Don’t neglect the physical premises when implementing security measures. Safeguard hard copies of customer information as well as electronic devices that may be used to access this data. Require passwords on all employee devices and secure these devices before exiting the building at night. Keep documents containing customer data under lock and key and shred them when they are no longer necessary. 

Restrict access to on-site servers and secure them behind locked doors to prevent unauthorized access. Furthermore, install a security system for the premises. Go beyond alarms and install cameras, smart lighting, and more. Layered security provides more protection than a single method today.

Team Participation

A data privacy and consent engagement platform provider raises $5M because it understands the importance of securing customer data. Every company must ensure its employees recognize the importance of this task as well. Each employee needs to know their role in security protocols, what to do if a data breach occurs, and how their coworkers play a role in overall company security. This eliminates any confusion regarding who is responsible for what when it comes to protecting this information. 

A strong defense serves as the best offense when it comes to safeguarding customer information. Implement the above steps to protect clients and reduce the risk of financial losses and a mass departure of customers. To create loyal customers, show them their privacy and security remain top priorities of the company. Consumers reward companies who show they care about their customers and work hard to protect them. 

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