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January 27
05:19 2022 Promotes The Workplace Benefits of a Digital Health Program

The potential for a person to hurt themselves while on the clock exists no matter what job they perform. Most people think this is only a problem for individuals with physically demanding job tasks, but even those who sit at a desk all day can suffer from wrist, shoulder, hip, and back pain brought on by repetitive motion and incorrect posture. Fortunately, employers can turn to at-home digital health solutions as a way for employees to eliminate pain and gain strength through virtual coaching sessions with licensed professionals.

Taking Fitness Out of the Gym

Digital health care is a relatively new approach to physical therapy. Employees who enroll in the programs offered by companies like Hinge Health will fill out a questionnaire that helps indicate what their limitations and weak points are. Coaches use this information to set up a list of exercises their clients should perform weekly at their own pace and schedule. Each list of exercises lasts about 15 minutes and only increases in difficulty once the client has completed a set number of rounds.

A Great Way to Heal Painful Body Movements

Each digital health plan focuses on the area of the body that a person needs help with the most. From a person’s hands down to their feet, customized exercise plans help build strength, increase mobility, decrease pain, and boost confidence. Individuals interested in improving their health can find more information on the target areas and what the exercises can provide when they look at here.

Helping to Guarantee Safe and Efficient Exercises

Participants in the program might worry about how well they can perform the exercises without a physical instructor. Most health plans provide wearable sensors that synchronize with an app to track movement and notify the wearer if the correct form isn’t followed. Participants can also watch short videos before each exercise that show the proper positioning and motions to follow to receive maximum benefits. The plans also provide varying strengths of elastic bands that allow the user to pick the weight they are most comfortable using without injuring themselves.  

Eliminating Liabilities in the Workplace

Offering an on-site, staffed fitness facility can be a financial liability for many employers, according to Companies want healthy employees, but making sure the fitness facility isn’t abused by outside individuals and doesn’t cause accidental bodily injuries is hard to manage. These situations showcase where the services of a digital health solution program can best benefit both the employer and employee.

Creating a Safe Fitness Environment for Employees

Providing a safe place for employees to improve their physical and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic is extremely beneficial to employers. Any on-site facility poses a risk for infection, a risk that can drive people away from fitness programs. Individuals performing a short set of exercises in the comfort of their own home has proven to be a successful alternative, a fact that has established the Coatue Bet Values Digital Health Startup Cadence at $1 Billion. Employers taking on this program will boost a strong workforce that is better equipped to handle the daily challenges of their job.

Digital Health Works in Favor of the Participants

As social distancing has become normalized and people are hesitant to use a communal gym, digital health programs have found a way to fill the fitness void. Providing people with everything they need to perform beneficial exercises at home, the programs help build a stronger and more resilient workforce. Targeting all of the body’s problematic areas, participants will receive customized routines that help eliminate pain and strengthen their bodies at a pace they set for themselves.

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