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January 27
04:23 2022 Discusses Tips for More Efficient Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles efficiently is hard work, and it’s getting more difficult all the time. These days, a combination of a tight labor market, rising operational costs, stricter compliance directives, and seemingly ever-more-demanding customers means that companies still relying on traditional fleet management solutions may get stuck in the past. Instead, fleet managers can read on to find out how to optimize efficiency, cut costs, and stay competitive even in challenging markets.

1. Leverage Technology

It’s not just standards for fleet management and operational costs that are changing. Thankfully, the technology required not just to operate the vehicles themselves efficiently but also to strategically plan for fuel usage, maintenance, routes, and more, has been keeping pace. The Best Fleet Management Software of 2022 can help any transport company or service provider stay competitive. Lytx provides comprehensive fleet management solutions that can improve not just efficiency and the company’s bottom line, but also driver safety.

2. Save Money on Fuel

All of the costs associated with operating vehicle fleets are rising, but according to, fuel costs continue to take up huge portions of fleet managers’ budgets. In some cases, they can account for 60% or more of operational expenses. Reducing fuel use and saving money on fuel requires a multifaceted approach to the problem. 

Fleet managers can start by using management software and GPS tracking to monitor vehicle use and driver performance. Factors such as how long a vehicle is left to idle, how fast a driver accelerates, and how hard he or she brakes can all impact fuel consumption. To give just one example, for a fleet of 100 trucks, idling wastes around $165,000 per year. Putting a stop to it can make a huge difference in the fleet’s fuel consumption and operational costs.

3. Prioritize Safe Driving

Unsafe driving doesn’t just endanger a company’s drivers. It also places others on the road at risk and increases the chances that fleet vehicles will sustain damage, often leading to costly repairs or premature vehicle replacements. Since safer driving generally translates to fewer accidents, it can also help to keep insurance premiums low, reduce legal problems, and avoid traffic tickets.

Improving driver safety requires taking a multifaceted approach. Fleet managers can find additional info about how to use specialized software programs to track driver performance and assess risk online, but access to data alone won’t solve the problem. Fleet managers should also prioritize hiring drivers with excellent safety records and providing the entire team with ongoing training regarding the rules of the road and industry best practices.

Make Improved Efficiency a New Year’s Resolution

With 2022 finally here, it’s time for America’s fleet managers to get with the times. Improving efficiency by reducing fuel use, increasing driver safety, and leveraging modern technology can help not just the company’s bottom line but also the environment and society, as a whole. Investing in the right software is a great place to get started, but it should be coupled with other industry best practices like those described above to maximize effectiveness.

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