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Imagine investing simply by using the camera lens on a phone? Think that is a possibility? Tickar thinks so.

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Imagine investing simply by using the camera lens on a phone? Think that is a possibility? Tickar thinks so.

January 27
03:40 2022
This new fintech app is incorporating augmented reality and the metaverse to simplify the investing experience for all.

The Global pandemic brought a surge of new investors into the market in numbers never before seen. More than 26% of all investors in the market today, said they became investors in 2020 or later. Their investing patterns and behaviors may have changed the market and the way many people invest moving forward. However, there seems to be one question still missing in this new investor philosophy, and that is where and how to begin. Luckily for us, the answer to this question lies within a new but rapidly growing fintech startup called Tickar.

Tickar leverages augmented reality and machine learning to help stock market participants invest in the products that they use everyday, but may not be aware of their corresponding stocks. Speaking with the founder, he mentioned that Tickar is “on a mission to be an investment advisor in your pocket”, and incorporates the metaverse trend and AR to his vision. This fintech app has financial literacy embedded right into its core mission, and has gathered close to 25,000 downloads within the first week of launch to reflect that. Tickar’s team also has plans to reach close to one million users by the end of 2022.

There is already plenty of competition in this space, with investing platforms like Acorns, E*Trade, and the preeminent, Robinhood with tons of users. But, Tickar aims to be an aid and guide to users who may already hold accounts with these platforms, and will enable them to seamlessly integrate their accounts when placing trades from stocks discovered on Tickar. Oh! And did I mention that the app tells you if a stock is overvalued or undervalued? With an app that can identify the stock of millions of different objects and brands, and provide real time data an analytics, no wonder Tickar’s mantra is turning your world into the stock market.

Download the app for free with in app purchasing available for premium access.

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