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January 27
01:53 2022 Discusses Surprising Benefits of Online Music Education for Kids

During the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, most schools moved online. Although it quickly became clear that having children receive an online-only education can be socially limiting and make it more difficult for them to stay focused, there are some subjects that are still better taught online, including music education. Read on to find out about a few of the surprising benefits of signing kids up for online music lessons to see why.

Access to Instructors

Not all future musical prodigies live in major metropolitan areas with access to all kinds of teachers, which means many rural and suburban kids miss out on music lessons entirely. The good news is that according to, children growing up in rural areas now have far greater access to all kinds of educational resources, including private and group music instruction. Given that learning how to play an instrument has been shown to improve executive function and academic achievement, it can’t be understated how valuable that increased access to skilled music instructors can be in leveling the playing field.

Ability to Observe the Practice Environment

When students arrive for in-person music lessons, the instructor has no idea what factors may be influencing their progress. A poor home practice environment can leave students unable to make significant improvements between lessons, but there’s no way for teachers to recognize this problem when they offer instruction in studios or classrooms. With online music education, it’s easy for instructors to recognize distractions, a poor setup, or other environmental issues that could be corrected to get the student back on track.

Ability to Record Lessons for Later Review

Some students have a hard time remembering what they’re supposed to practice. Online music lessons can be recorded, though, which means forgetful students can go back and watch the part of the video that offers instructions for the week’s homework. Plus, teachers can also go back and review the lessons to identify both strong points and weaknesses in the student’s playing.

Affordability of Online Music Lessons

Although the Online Music Education Market Size Is Projected To Reach USD 421.9 Million by 2027, offering video lessons actually helps to keep costs more reasonable for low-income students and their families. Organizations such as Save the Music compile online music education resources and offer a range of music grants to improve disadvantaged students’ access to both online and in-person musical instruction.

Fewer Missed Lessons

Students miss weekly lessons for a variety of reasons, many of which are touched upon on our website. Taking lessons online helps to eliminate barriers that could otherwise lead students to skip, including inclement weather, inconvenient location, or family health issues. There’s no need for parents to take time off from busy schedules to drive kids to and from lessons, and the students, themselves, will benefit from having more time as a result of eliminating the commute.

Find a Program Today

Parents can find all the resources required to help their children learn music online. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and there are grants available to cover the cost of instruments. Check out available resources today.

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