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January 27
01:47 2022 Understanding GDPR and How It Relates to Small Business Owners

Since GDPR was first put into law in 2018, small business owners have found it difficult to understand their responsibilities. Small business owners must realize the steps they should take to become GDPR compliant. This guide will help owners take action. Keep reading to check it out

What Is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, according to The European Union enacted this law in May 2018. Unfortunately, many small business owners do not realize the full impact of GDPR and how it can even affect companies that are not based in the European Union. Taking the right action will help companies refine their security implementations and ensure the protection of customer data.

How Does GDPR Affect Small Business Owners?

The law stipulates small business owners with over 250 employees must become GDPR compliant. Since this EU law came into effect, many people have had a lot of questions. They can read this article, “Could GDPR policy erase your games? It happened to an Ubisoft customer”.

One of the biggest hurdles small business owners must now face regarding GDPR is the creation of contact lists. Under GDPR laws, it is illegal for small business owners to take the contact information from a business card or online profile and add it to a contact list without the person’s permission.

Small business owners must know how their company collects customer data. Business owners must adopt certain measures to ensure they meet the demands of GDPR law. Companies like Delphix are working to help small business owners meet the arduous demands of this EU law.

Important Steps for Becoming GDPR Compliant

Small business owners still scramble to become GDPR compliant. Taking the following steps will help owners ensure they are compliant and will not face any penalties for their businesses. 

  • First, business owners need to be aware of the data they possess. 

  • Businesses must execute controls to ensure the data remains protected. 

  • Every business must rest assured all its processes meet the demands of individual rights. 

  • All outsourced processes must comply with GDPR law. 

  • The processes for managing data breaches must be fully functional and tested for any security issues. The processes must include all the new requirements for notifications. 

  • Companies must implement data protection that is designed to meet the requirements of the law and the integral needs of the company’s operations. 

Small business owners should take the above steps seriously. Implementing new protective measures will help small business owners become compliant and remain within the confines of GDPR law. 

Should Small Business Owners Get Professional GDPR Compliance Assistance?

Small business owners sometimes find themselves in a predicament because of GDPR compliance concerns. Getting professional assistance is wise for helping ensure a company has no compliance issues that would cause them to violate the EU GDPR laws. 

Many issues have arisen with GDPR issues, including the loss of data. It happened to an Ubisoft customer. If small business owners get professional help, there are less likely to be loopholes that would prevent the full protection of data. Now is the time to become compliant with GDPR laws by hiring professionals to take charge of the processes.

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