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Homiley Launch Their Revolutionary At-home IPL Hair Removal System

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Homiley Launch Their Revolutionary At-home IPL Hair Removal System

January 26
19:40 2022
Innovative beauty solutions company, Homiley, announces the launch of their groundbreaking At-home IPL hair removal to save women from razor bumps or ingrown hair

Homiley has been described as the #1 Rated IPL Hair Removal device, designed to solve swimsuit line razor bumps by helping women get rid of unwanted hair with relative ease. The device combines relative affordability with comfort and privacy to achieve the desired results without leaving the house, amidst rave reviews from users.

Hair removal remains one of the challenges faced by millions of women in different parts of the world. A recent report by Grand View Research, Inc. projects the global hair removal devices market to reach $3.4 billion by 2025, a remarkable growth from the $915.2 million in 2017. Reports have also projected the global hair removal wax market to reach approximately $16 billion by 2031, driven by growing trends in personal grooming and rapidly changing lifestyles.

Despite the increasing popularity of wax centers and hair removal devices, some people are not comfortable with visiting such facilities with the relatively high cost of handheld gadgets often making it even more difficult for people to access them. Consequently, they often resolve to use traditional methods, resulting in irritations, bumps, or ingrown hairs. However, Homiley at home ipl seeks to change this narrative as the New York-based company launches their hand-held device to save women from shaving nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs and post-shaving irritations.

This hair removal device can be used in the comfort of the home and is relatively affordable and user-friendly, to give a nice and clean zap void of the common pains, bumps, and scars of shaving and waxing. The versatile hair removal device is particularly unique as it can be used in different parts of the body, including face, armpit, lips, leg, and arm, saving users up to $150 in full waxing procedure, with visible results in 8 weeks of consistent usage. Homiley also comes with an inbuilt failsafe sensor, a protective system that prevents skin damage from excessive flash.

In line with the goal of helping women achieve silky smooth skin and long-lasting hair removal, Homiley introduced a low launch price to enable people to build their confidence without having to break the bank. Homiley is already enjoying rave reviews from different categories of users. “So far so good, it removed my hair effectively and also comes with a pair of glasses to protect my eyes when shaving,” said Cecilia.

I’m using this IPL hair removal only for the swimsuit line and underarms. It; looks like less growth after 2 weeks. I’m prone to ingrown hairs, and it appears they are reduced, which is my favorite part.” – Stella

I was seriously skeptical when I first started, but within 3 treatments I started to see an improvement. Yes, you won’t be 100% hairless and will need to continue treatments and OCCASIONAL shaves in between monthly touch ups. I treated my legs, swimsuit line, stomach and face. Some body parts took better than others, like my legs and stomach, but all saw a massive decline in hair growth and what did grow back is softer and fewer hairs grow back very slowly.” – Connor

Once I complete a treatment, I see no hair re growth for about a week, without the need to shave 2 weeks after a treatment. Overall hair loss for me was between 70-80%. This is less painful than waxing with better results, with the convenience of getting results at home.” – Rita

For more information about Homiley and to take advantage of the launch promo, visit –

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