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PurePort® launches multi-tool to clean & revive iPhone® and iPad® ports, cables and connectors.

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PurePort® launches multi-tool to clean & revive iPhone® and iPad® ports, cables and connectors.

November 20
07:51 2020
The first dedicated tool to clean and revive Lightning ports/connectors on iPhone and iPad models, restoring connectivity and extending the life of cables and devices.

Perhaps the most annoying issue faced by Apple iPhone® and iPad® owners occurs when Lightning ports and connectors become unreliable, requiring annoying ‘wiggling’ or replacement of cables in an attempt to get a reliable charge, and increasingly affecting iPhones as they age.

As iPhone fans, husband-and-wife product design team Kate & Josh Swinnerton set out to solve these issues for all iPhone/iPad owners, researching the problem and discovering that over 52% of iPhone owners reported occasional or frequent issues with iPhone charging reliability. They also learned the problem was usually caused by contamination in Lightning ports from lint, dust, hair and other debris, which disrupted conductivity between cable and device and lead to oxide/arcing damage on the pins of cables (the black marks often visible on older cables).

They developed PurePort as a multi-tool that could safely and easily remove all types of debris from Lightning ports, and also cleaned oxide damage from the tips of cables, and applied a conductivity solution that improves connectivity on previously damaged contacts. They also included a brush to clean lint from the tiny speakers, microphone and switches on devices, as well as the ideal micro-fiber surface cloth to make their offering a complete solution to keep iPhones and iPads in perfect working order.

Since its successful launch on KickStarter in 2019, to more recent commercial rollout online in the USA, PurePort® has proven very popular with iPhone and iPad owners now able to overcome connectivity issues, who often report removing ‘surprising’ amounts of lint and debris from their devices.

Although many iPhone owners previously resorted to home remedies to clean Lightning ports, such as toothpicks, paperclips, compressed air or toothbrushes, PurePort claim their tool is safer and easier to use, and does the job more thoroughly than any home remedy – while also being able to revive damaged cables that might otherwise be discarded.

Although their initial focus was on creating PurePort® for Lightning port based iPhones and iPads, where they say connectivity issues are most prevalent, the PurePort team are now looking to expand their range to include a version for USB-C, micro and mini USB, the most common connector format for Android and other smart phones.

Despite occasional rumors of a future where smart phones move to being entirely wireless, wireless charging has yet to take over from traditional cables for charging purposes, with an estimated 20% of charging occurring wirelessly, and even the latest phones still relying on cable connectivity.

So if you haven’t managed to switch entirely to wireless charging, and like the idea of using the ‘right tool for the job’, PurePort is well worth a look.

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