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Montana 1031 Exchange Company 1031 Property Exchange Changes Locations In Bozeman

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Montana 1031 Exchange Company 1031 Property Exchange Changes Locations In Bozeman

October 22
14:44 2020
Montana 1031 Exchange Company 1031 Property Exchange Changes Locations In Bozeman
Montana 1031 exchange company, 1031 Property Exchange, has moved to a new location in Bozeman, Montana.

The new offices are located at 3009 Warbler Way, Unit B in Bozeman. “After 9 years at our Stoneridge Drive location we decided to move and we are now located close to Costco, Target and the new Win Food store in Bozeman”, says Russ Squire, President of 1031 Property Exchange. He adds, “We are literally right of the North 19th exit of Interstate 90 so it’s a real convenient location”.

2020 The Busiest Year In 1031 Property Exchange’s History

“Our Montana 1031 exchange company has had it’s busiest year on record in 2020″, says Squire. He adds, “A lot of people have relocated to Montana in 2020 and often they move their investment properties here as well”.

“People are moving their families out of more urban locations and this has created a buying frenzy here in Montana”, says Squire. He adds, “Asset prices have been driven sky high by the lowest interest rates in history, which likely cannot last, so its an odd year”.

A Transparent, Flat Fee Structure

“Most 1031 exchange companies in Montana charge clients for each closing they do, along with wire transfer fees that are marked up”, says Squire. He adds, “We have an easy to understand flat fee structure, so one fee covers all transactions and charges”.

What Will 2021 Hold

“I don’t have a crystal ball but there is no question that asset values in major cities are struggling, especially commercial office, as more and more people work remotely or leave altogether”, says Squire. He adds, “It’s the one category I would avoid because companies are learning that remote workers do the job without the big office building overhead”.

“Small and medium size communities with Universities and good airports have seemingly become the darlings of the real estate market”, says Squire. he adds, “This characterization defines Bozeman in spades and the breadth of new construction of mid-rise, and multi-family, housing is unprecedented here”.

“Asset prices are directly discounted by interest rates, so until rates start rising again, its likely that we continue to see record pricing on a per square foot basis in all categories with the exception of commercial office”, says Squire.

Baby Boomers Moving From Raw Land To Income Property

“The other big trend we have noticed in the past few years are baby boom generation investors selling their raw land and moving into income property in anticipation of retirement”, says Squire. He adds, “It just makes sense because raw land produces no income and no depreciation benefits”. 

“There is a huge amount of multi-family housing being constructed in the Bozeman, Montana market because interest rates are low, rents are high and there is a big gap between incomes and cost-of-living here”, says Squire. He adds, “There is almost no single family home inventory left as a rapid upswing in relocation depleted the inventory and housing costs are at historic highs here right now”.

Bozeman 1031 exchange 

If you need some expert consultation on investment property you plan on selling then simply contact Rusty Squire at 1031 Property Exchange in Bozeman, Montana at 406-425-2742.

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Address:3009 Warbler Way, Unit B
City: Bozeman
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