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Digital Will debuts on Kickstarter, allowing owners to name heirs for online accounts

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Digital Will debuts on Kickstarter, allowing owners to name heirs for online accounts

October 21
23:33 2020

Your Digital Will is a much-awaited solution that will enable users to create a will for digital assets, ensuring that they are accessible even after their death.

With the whole world going digital, almost all of us have intellectual property on the internet, like bank accounts, email account(s), and so on. Unfortunately, the licenses for most of these digital assets expire once the owner dies, making all these digital assets inaccessible to the loved ones of the deceased. 

Montreal-based Digital Wealth Media has just launched a solution that will enable users to name heirs for each specific online account. Titled “Your Digital Will,” the Digital Will is designed to document, organize, and protect a person’s digital assets.

“We are living in a digital space today and prefer to store many of our prized and important assets in the virtual zone only. From precious family photos to our favorite movies and business pages to legal documents, most of these are stored online these days. Akin to your dream house, these treasured and significant digital assets too call for protection, proper use, and preservation when you are no longer here. It’s vital that you include your digital assets in your estate plan as otherwise they couldn’t be accessed by anybody and would be lost forever. Worse, without a valid will, your digital assets will come under social media corporations’ directives. They would decide the fate of the properties, which could be contrary to your wishes. This is where Your Digital Will will come to your rescue”, stated Ivon T. Hughes, founder @ Your Digital Will.

Being a veteran finance professional, Hughes had faced several cases before where heirs of a deceased person could not access his/her digital assets only because there was no proper direction about the access and usage of digital properties after the owner’s death. Such stories inspired him to develop a document that would help preserve access to digital accounts and files when the actual owner expires. Thus, Your Digital Will was born.

Main features of Your Digital Will:

  • Comes with a 26-page inventory to enlist all kinds of digital asset
  • Allows to protect each asset with a password and enables the appointment of a beneficiary for each
  • Easy editing of all fields
  • Instantly downloadable
  • Carries a step-by-step guide

“Your Digital Will will help you save money, time, and a lot of trouble by enabling you to solve this problem quickly. The process is always more economical, faster, and more convenient than getting it done by an attorney. But, most importantly, it will ensure that your digital assets will be in the safe hands of your near and dear ones after your death. We have created the document in English and are now planning to produce in other major languages. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Your Digital Will to life and complete the estate planning process for all.”

To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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Company Name: Digital Wealth Media Inc.
City: Montreal
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